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Golf Club Review: Cleveland CBX Wedges

When you think of Cleveland Golf wedges are typically the first thing that comes to mind. So when Cleveland releases a new line of wedges you better take notice. With the introduction of the new CBX Wedges, Cleveland has further cemented itself as the leading manufacturer of innovative, stylish,  functional  and performance enhancing wedges.

According to Cleveland, 84% of golfers play cavity back irons, for the obvious reasons, with most using non-matching, blade style, wedges.  The CBX wedges were designed to meet the needs of these golfers who have mismatched wedges and irons while offering enhanced performance for golfers of all abilities.

The CBX wedges are a cavity backed design that utilizes perimeter weighting to increase MOI. According to Cleveland, 76 grams of mass were removed from the center of the club and repositioned around the perimeter.  The results are greater forgiveness and increased distance control on mishits-something that is vital for your scoring clubs.

The CBX also utilizes Cleveland’s Rotex (RTX) groove technology which include deep, U shaped grooves with micro grooves and laser-milling between the bigger grooves.  This groove technology creates superior spin and just the right blend of grab and roll.  Actually the enhanced spin took a little getting used to but with a few practice sessions under the belt and you will get results that Dave Pelz would be proud of.

Standard with the CBX wedges is the company’s Dual V-Sole grind. It is by far the best grind and sole in the business. No need to manipulate the club whether you are in heavy rough, hard pan, fluffy sand, compact sand or tight lies.  The sole is that good and the versatility it provides is unmatched in the industry.

That is some of the technology that you can see. Some that you can’t is the feel balancing technology. What Cleveland’s engineers have done is create a microcavity in the hosel that moves the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face, enhancing feel and distance control.  This creates a sweetspot closer to the ideal location on the face crating more forgiveness on full and even partial wedge shots.

The CBX wedges come in a progressive design making it easier to transition with your irons. The lower lofted wedges have a smaller shape and are a little lighter. As you move into the higher-lofted wedges you will find a slightly bigger, heavier head.  Don’t worry, while slightly bigger they are easily playable. This variable head design will make it easier to blend the CBX wedges into ones typical cavity back designed irons.

The stock shafts are Dynamic Gold 115 gram wedge steel or Rotex Precision 90 gram graphite shafts.  Slightly lighter than standard wedge shafts yet the reduced weight provides extra feel and versatility.  The wedges are available in 46 through 60 degree lofts.

The bottom line is that the CBX wedges strike the perfect balance of game improvement technology with tour inspired looks and feel. So whether you are a scratch or a double digit cap player the CBX wedges should find a way into your bag.  They won’t disappoint you.  The CBX wedges are priced at $129.99 in steel and $139.99 in graphite.







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