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4 SZNS feat. Darren Wolfson

The 4 SZNS podcast’s Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble sat down with ESPN Radio Minnesota Timberwolves insider Darren Wolfson to discuss the impact of Jimmy Butler, the progression of KAT and Wiggins, and what to expect from the rest of the Wolves roster.

2:03 – How Darren became a T-Wolves Insider

6:03 – Relationships with players and coaches

12:25 – Wiggins deal

15:00 – Perimeter shooting worries?

19:44 – Nate Robinson workout

21:30 – The return of Kirk Hinrich

22:08 – Jeff Teague signing

24:50 – Tyus Jones and the rest of the rotation

26:40 – Bench Depth

29:42 – Jimmy’s impact on KAT and Wiggins

32:39 – Predictions and the T-Wolves ceiling

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