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Breaking down the Jets-Patriots to the fullest

The Jets came out and surprisingly punched the Patriots right in the mouth en route to a 14-0 lead Sunday. They were converting third downs left and right moving the ball at will against the lowly Patriots defense and Jets fans across the land were looking up Super Bowl tickets for February. And then the Jets Buster Skrine dropped a gimmie interception from Brady, which one simply cannot do, in which Brady then dropped a perfect throw to Brandin Cooks which set up a Dion Lewis touchdown. The Patriots went on to score 24 consecutive points.

The Jets played very well in their first big test of the season. Todd Bowles has had this team ready to play every week and has given his team the belief that they can play with anyone in the league. Six weeks ago we were talking about Bowles coaching for his job and now he seems like the perfect fit for this young team. It will be very interesting to see how this team responds moving forward. Past teams had a tendency to treat the Patriots game like their Super Bowl. The Jets need to move on and get prepared for Miami.

Offensively, John Morton called a great game early but struggled later on in short yardage situations. Matt Forte should not be getting any carries once Bilal Powell is healthy again. When it’s third and fourth and short, Morton needs to put in that extra lineman and get the first down. The little trickery plays are fun in theory but good football teams lineup and beat the guy across from them. The Jets need to do the same.

Josh McCown is exactly who we thought he was; he can make all the throws and is a good veteran leader but his decision making is the reason he’s been on nine NFL teams in his career. The Jets receiving core is better than most expected but I would still like to see more plays with ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen drawn up.

On defense, a pass rush is non existent. The Jets gave Brady little to no pressure Sunday and he slowly picked them apart. Jamal Adams struggled for a second straight game but I won’t hold it that much against him considering it was against Gronk. Morris Claiborne continues to look like a number one corner (if he can stay healthy) and Buster Skrine looks rejuvenated this season.

Let’s get to the multiple horrific calls. In the first half, the refs called a personal foul on Devin McCourty after he hit Robby Anderson in the head. They later picked up the flag and replay clearly shows Andersons helmet moving in a way that only happens if you get hit in the head. The Jets were forced to punt.

The next is a defensive pass interference call on Jamal Adams on a play to Gronk where pushed off on him three times and Adams turned to look at the ball. Should have been OPI or at minimum at no call. The Patriots scored a few plays later.

Now for the Austin Seferian-Jenkins call. To me it’s the worst call I have ever seen. You can say he fumbled but I want to see where the ball hits the ground and where exactly he doesn’t have possession going into the end zone. The NFL put out a statement saying it was a “no brainer” call and that he fumbled twice. I want to see what angle they see a second fumble because I’m still trying to find it. The thing that gets me the most is that there is supposed to be conclusive evidence to overturn a call on the field. There was nothing conclusive from any angle that we have seen over the past 2 days. Find me one and I’ll show you that there is no conclusive evidence. The Jets didn’t lose because of this call but it changes the dynamic of the game and who knows what happens after that.

The Jets play Miami this week and they’ll have to put this game behind them quickly, which I believe they will, and move on.

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