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What Teams Should Trade For Martavis Bryant?

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, Martavis Bryant, has recently requested to be traded. Bryant “called in sick” to practice last week and since then has been vocal about wanting to be traded. “I just want to be happy, whether it’s here or it’s somewhere else,” Bryant said. “I just want to help contribute. I just want to be the best player that I can on and off the field … and I want to be given the chance to be that. But I would like for it to be here. If not, then, oh well. Just got to move on.” When asked, Head Coach Mike Tomlin said that he was too-busy game-planning to meet with Bryant and that he is “not available via trade” and not “high on my damn agenda.” Tomlin did mention that he would eventually meet with Bryant to “reign down my judgement”.

Bryant did miss the entire 2016 season due to breaking the NFL’s substance abuse policy, and this may scare off teams. That being said, when healthy, Bryant is one of the league’s most exciting offensive weapons that could be an asset on any team.

I don’t think the Steelers will trade him to another AFC team, but here are a few teams that I think should try to trade for him.

Chicago Bears

If Bryant wants to become “the guy” in an offense, Chicago would be ideal. The Bears would throw him right in as their No. 1 receiver since both Cameron Meredith and Kevin White are out for the season due to injuries. Meredith was place on the IR prior to the first game and White went to the IR after Week 1. White had tremendous expectations when the Bears took him at number seven overall out of West Virginia. So far, injuries have sidelined him, and he hasn’t been able to live up to those expectations. The Bears traded up in the draft to select Mitchell Trubisky at number two overall, and now that he is the starter moving forward, the Bears need to surround him with the weapons he needs to thrive. Bryant would help Trubisky develop and in return would get him the ball as much as he wants. This could turn into a one-two punch for years to come. If this match works out positively, the Bears would give him the contract he wants in 2018. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Pace makes this deal happen.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have started 3-3 which isn’t where they thought they’d be right now. Their defense has been sluggish, and to make up for it, the offense has to outscore its opponents. Dez Bryant has only caught 28 balls so far this season, and they have gotten almost no production from Terrance Williams. Dak Prescott needs another wide receiver to take the pressure of of Dez. Martavis would fit in well with this offense. Though he wouldn’t be “the guy” right away,

or the best Bryant at wide receiver, he would strive in this offense that has it’s passing game opened up by a great running attack. Aside from Dez and Williams, the other receivers are Cole Beasley, Brice Butler, Noah Brown, and Ryan Switzer, all who would take back seat to Martavis’s talent. If Dallas wants to make a push for the playoffs and take away some of the spotlight from Ezekiel Elliott’s legal drama, trading for Bryant would be a step in the right direction. Prescott having a Bryant-and-Bryant combo to throw to would be a quarterback’s dream.

Seattle Seahawks

Judging by their past, the Seattle Seahawks don’t really seem to care about player’s “character issues” off the field. All they care about is winning, and trading for Martavis Bryant would point them in the right direction towards the playoffs. The Seahawks need a consistent threat to opposing defenses. Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson, and Tyler Lockett are big play, downfield threats, but they’re smaller and can’t be called upon when the Seahawks need a catch on third and six. Russell Wilson’s best threat is his tight end, Jimmy Graham, who hasn’t played as well as he did in New Orleans. Bryant would help this offense flourish and combined with their stingy defense, the Seahawks would become a legit Super Bowl Contender. Imagine if both the Seahawks and Steelers made the Super Bowl; Bryant would play the game of his life to get vengeance on his old team.

New York Giants

I wasn’t going to add the Giants due to their sluggish season so far, but because of all their injuries at wide receiver, they might want to try to lock Bryant in now. Losing star Odell Beckham, and former pro bowler Brandon Marshall, were both big blows for this offense. Eli Manning is going to need to throw the ball to someone. Bryant would get the ball a lot this season and prove his worth for a new contract in 2018. If they can land Bryant, and him and Eli can develop a chemistry, next year in 2018 when everyone is healthy, the Giants could have one of the best passing offenses in the NFL.

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