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Who’s Better, Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz?

Credit Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

During the 2016 NFL Draft, the hottest discussion was about which quarterback is better, Jared Goff or Carson Wentz? As you know, Goff went number one overall to the Los Angeles Rams and Wentz went to the Philadelphia Eagles at number two overall. But the best rookie quarterback in 2016 was drafted in the fourth round, at pick 135th, and that was Dak Prescott to the Dallas Cowboys. By the end of the season, the debate was now, “Who is better, Wentz or Prescott?”

Dak Prescott was selected as the quarterback in waiting to eventually replace Tony Romo, but due to injuries, Prescott got to play and start most of the Cowboys’ games last season. Dak led the Cowboys, along with rookie running back star Ezekiel Elliot, as they finished 13-3 and first in the NFC. They would eventually lose to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. Dak finished his rookie season by throwing for 3,667 yards, 23 touchdowns, and only four interceptions. He also ran four six touchdowns. Prescott would go on to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award due to his stellar numbers and his team’s win percentage.

Carson Wentz’s rookie season began quicker than expected. The Eagles traded away Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings just two weeks prior to the beginning of the regular season, so Wentz started from Week 1. He led the Eagles to an impressive 3-0 start, but then eventually they lost steam and finished the year at 6-10 and did not make the playoffs. But Wentz’s play did not go unnoticed. He threw for 3,782 yards, 16 touchdowns, and had 14 interceptions. He also ran for two touchdowns. Wentz didn’t have the weapons that Dak had in Dallas. With a lack of talent in their receiving core, and no real rushing threat, the Eagles depended on Wentz to make magic happen with little help. Despite only winning six games, Philadelphia knew they had their quarterback of the future.

Now in their sophomore seasons, both Wentz and Prescott have continued to play well and the debate on who is better gets better and better. So far, the Eagles are the best team in the NFL. They are 6-1 and if the season ended today, Carson Wentz would be named the MVP of the league. The Eagles added plenty of weapons for Wentz in the offseason, and he is taking full advantage of their talents. Through seven games, Wentz has thrown for 1,852 yards, 17 touchdowns (already one more than last season’s total), and only four interceptions. Prescott has also had a decent year statistically, but the Cowboys are only 3-3 through their first six games. Prescott has thrown for 1,426 yards, 14 touchdowns, and only four interceptions. The Cowboys’ struggles are due to their lack of a running game that made them great last year. But Dak continues to make them a threat to any team they play.

Based on what I saw last season and so far this season, if I were starting a franchise, I would choose Carson Wentz over Dak Prescott. Wentz has proven that he plays well no matter who else is out there with him. Prescott has been on a team with the best offensive line in football for the past two years, I want to know if he would be playing as well on a team that

doesn’t have as good a line. Also, I think if you flip flopped the two, Wentz would still put up great numbers and win, while Prescott wouldn’t win and not play as well. Regardless of my opinion, they both have extremely bright futures in this league, and this debate will last until both of their final snaps.

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