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Is Cam Newton A Franchise Quarterback?

Cam Newton has played 100 career games in the NFL and has been one of the most talked about athletes since he entered the league. The former first overall pick was a high prospect out of Auburn and NFL experts expected great things from Newton.

So far, he has led the Panthers to the playoffs three times in his seven years in the league, including a trip to the Super Bowl. Cam is the Panthers’ team record holder for most career passing yards, most career passing touchdowns, and most career rushing touchdowns. He is also third all-time in Panthers’ history in rushing yards behind only Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams.

But questions about his character and work ethic often arise every season, especially when the team starts to play poorly. Some believe he is childish and doesn’t hold himself to the standards the team asks him to be to. Regardless, Cam is a rare talent and a different type of quarterback that the league has never seen before. At 6’5” and 245lbs and as agile as a cat (or panther), he is a force that defenses need to prepare for every week. And let’s not forget he did win the 2015 league MVP and showed the whole world how to dab. But the question that everyone is pondering, is he a franchise quarterback?

What is a franchise quarterback? You’ve been hearing this phrase since you began watching football but what is the true definition. In any professional sport, a franchise player is an athlete who is not just the best player on their team, but one who the team can build their franchise around for the future. This player must be someone who can make the players around him better and lead his team to a championship. So, a franchise quarterback would be someone who can win games by making the right decisions and making the players around him better. It is also a quarterback that any team would dream to have on their team, and someone the fans can rally behind.

So, is Cam Newton a franchise quarterback? My answer is yes. Cam is a special player who can’t be replaced. He has thrown for 145 touchdowns, 23,459 yards, and only 88 interceptions. He has rushed for 51 touchdowns and 3,777 yards. Sure, there have been Brady, Manning, Brees, and so one who have thrown for more yards and touchdowns, but they could never run like Cam. There was Vick, Moon, McNair who could run but couldn’t throw like Cam. There has never been a player like Cam Newton in the NFL prior to him joining the league.

I know the greats are usually only based on wins, and Cam is 55-44-1 in his regular season career, and 3-3 in his playoff career. Cam has a lot of work to do if he wants to help the Panthers win their first Super Bowl in franchise history, but he has given them their best chance so far. He is the best quarterback to ever wear a Carolina Panthers uniform.

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