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How badly did the NFL Trade Deadline affect sportsbook betting odds?

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This year’s NFL trade deadline felt like a fantasy football trade deadline, as so many teams were active and so many big names were moved. With the new faces in new places, not only is it going to shakeup the equipment managers routines, but it’s going to shakeup the oddsmakers and betting odds moving forward as well. So lets take a look as some of the sports betting odds affected by NFL Trade deadline.

Jaguars get DT Marcell Dareus from Bills for 2018 sixth-round pick:
Ex-Dallas Cowboy, Barry Church said before the season that the Jaguars defense had “a lot” more talent than his former team. Many laughed, but Church wasn’t lying. Ranked third overall in total yards and first in passing yards allowed, this Jaguar defense is no joke. But their run defense, that was the joke for sure. Though the addition of Dareus to their defense will certainly improve their run defense and their team as a whole.

So what does this do for the Jaguars and their betting odds moving forward? It increasing for sure and starts with their game this Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. A 5.5 spread with Jacksonville at home facing a rookie running back in Joe Mixon, good luck Cincy. This trade will also improve their AFC South divisional odds as I’m a fan of them winning the division, especially with Texans quarterback, DeShaun Watson out for the season with a torn ACL.

Seahawks get Duane Brown from the Texans for picks:
After ending his holdout, Brown played his first game of the season last week against the Seahawks. Playing 68 of the offenses 71 snaps, Brown looked like he didn’t even miss a beat protecting Watson’s blindside. But this trade is huge for the Seahawks as there’s probably six elite blindside tackles in the NFL and Brown is one of them. I won’t get into it as to how dumb of a trade this was for Houston, but it was clear owner, Robert McNair did it strictly because he wasn’t a fan of Brown voicing his opinion.

So what does this do for the Seahawks betting odds moving forward? Instant Super Bowl contenders. I love the Seahawks in the NFC now, especially if they get home-field advantage. As for the Texans, I would’ve said that they would’ve been fine without Brown and would’ve been able to most likely win the division, but without Watson, not a chance.

Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2018 second-round pick:
The Patriots better protect Tom Brady with their life because you do not, I repeat do not, want Brian Hoyer coming in under center if your New England. So that’s why I’m not a fan of this trade if I’m New England. But if I’m the 49ers, I love it. You give up a second-round pick to get a potential franchise quarterback…steal. As for New England, I’m still shocked as studies show that second round picks only pan out to have about a 40 percent success rate for that player to become a top-end starter in the NFL.

So what does this do for the Patriots betting odds moving forward? Nothing at all. Let’s be honest, if Brady gets hurt no ones betting on the Patriots anyways. As for the 49ers, their season is already done and head coach, Kyle Shanahan said after the trade that he can’t promise that Garoppolo will even play this season.

Eagles trade for RB Jay Ajayi from the Dolphins for a fourth-round pick:
In a 12 hour span, the NFC East saw one of the biggest shake-ups ever; the Eagles acquired Ajayi and the Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott lost his appeal and his six-game suspension was reinstated. But this trade was huge for the Eagles who’ve been trying to find a running game really since LeSean McCoy went to Buffalo.

So what does this do for the Eagles betting odds moving forward? It makes their chances of winning the NFC East that much sweeter. As for Super Bowl odds, it definitely puts them in the conversation, especially with Elliott out for six games. As for the Dolphins, I think the Ravens put a fork in their season last week beating them 40-0.

Bills acquire Kelvin Benjamin from the Panthers:
When the Bills traded away wide receiver Sammy Watkins back in August, everyone thought the Bills were preparing to tank and write off the 2017-18 NFL season. But a 5-2 start (now 5-3), the addition of Benjamin changes everything as this team is in desperate need for a playmaker outside of the hashes. And if the addition doesn’t mean a lot to you, then soak these next two sentences in. Without Watkins, the Bills’ receivers have caught 45 passes for 594 yards, the lowest totals for that position group in the NFL. As for Benjamin, he has 32 catches for two touchdowns and a Panthers-best 475 yards this season.

So what does this do for the Bills betting odds moving forward? A lot. I won’t go as far as them winning the AFC East, as it’s still the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots and Tom Brady are still there. But it certainly improves them in all of their matchups going forward. As for the Panthers? What were you guys thinking? Sorry, I’ll stop there. But it hurts them tremendously. Have fun replacing Benjamin because just like Cam Newton said it, you can’t.

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