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Jerry Jones Hires David Boies To Block Goodell’s Extension

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Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, who is one of the NFL’s most powerful people, has lit a fire and intensified his well-known feud with NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell. He has threatened to sue the NFL and some of the other team owners in regard to the negotiations in regard to the extension of Goodell’s contract if it is not tabled by Friday. Jones has retained attorney David Boies in attempts to block a contract extension for Goodell.
Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Giants owner John Mara, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Steelers owner Art Rooney, and Texans owner Robert McNair are the owners that will be in charge of handling negotiations. Jones told the six owners on the league’s compensation committee last week that he had hired David Boies, the high-profile lawyer under fire in the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case.

The feud between Jones and Goodell seems to stem from the Commissioner’s ruling of the suspension of Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott, who was accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend. Goodell gave Zeke a six-game suspension despite no legal charges being filed in the case. The suspension was announced in August, and has been going back and forth which has kept Zeke on the field so far this season. Jones stated that the suspension is an “overcorrection” due to previous discipline attempts from Goodell in the past, famously the Ray Rice case. “Even this judge said it shows that very reasonably people could possibly come down on both sides of this,” Jones stated. “Well, under our legal system it has to be stronger than that for someone to have done it. Now, we all know we were not there to see it, but I do have every point of contention on both sides and in our system in this country, Zeke would not have any issue here as to his workplace.”

Jones has been the most vocal owner to urge players to stand for the national anthem. Jones and other owners are upset that Goodell has not done more to stop players from kneeling or sitting during the anthem. The issue exploded into a national debate when President Trump took aim the owners for not forcing the players to stand. This has arguably been the biggest topic of the NFL so far this season.
As of Wednesday, the owners have not been sued.

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