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4 SZNS Episode 22 with Oliver Maroney

The 4 SZNS Podcast’s Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble sit down with rising NBA writer and analyst Oliver Maroney to discuss life as a famous NBA personality, the developement of the Big 3, and buying or selling NBA teams.

1:35- Dime Uproxx vs Slam Magazine

3:00- Career path

5:32- Baby faced assasin/ benefits of starting at an early age

7:30- Building relationships with players and maintaining them

9:12- Writing style/ eye test over analytics and stats

11:35- Involvement with the Big 3 & The Big 3 Podcast Show

14:55- First year growth and thoughts

16:43- Best friends with Ice Cube & Michael Rapaport

20:36- Metta World Peace joins the Big 3

21:52- Changes and improvements of the second season of the Big 3

24:25- Basketball inKansas City

24:55- Buy Or Sell: Detroit Pistons

29:04- Orlando Magic

33:15- New York Knicks

37:21- Charlotte Hornets

39:45- Denver Nuggets

44:40- Utah Jazz

48:27- OKC Thunder

53:36- Top 5: Big 3 player wishlist

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