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Should the New York Jets go after Tyrod Taylor?

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With the alarming news of Tyrod Taylor being benched for Nathan Peterman earlier this week, the rumor mill is back and running about where Taylors landing spot will be. As with every quarterback that’s set to be available, the New York Jets are at the top of the list for potential landing spots for him.

Before the season when all of the hoopla about him potentially leaving Buffalo was at its highest I was the biggest advocate for Taylor to join the Jets over a guy like Josh McCown. He’s young enough to possibly be your guy for the future and he’s good enough to bring out the best of the young group of receivers in order to give a fair evaluation of the talent on the roster.

Lets fast forward to next offseason.

The Jets are going to be serious players for a number of quarterbacks, whether that’s in the draft or through free agency. Depending on how the rest of the season plays out for the Jets (they have the toughest remaining schedule in the league), they could be in contention for the top guys like Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen or be in the middle of the first round with the chance to take Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson. In free agency the main names are Taylor and Kirk Cousins as possible candidates for the Green and White.

Personally, I think the Jets should build get their quarterback in the draft. You’re going to have one of the highest amount of cap available this offseason and you have to ask yourself if you want to pay Kirk Cousins QB1 money or Tyrod Taylor a boatload of money when there other needs that that money could be used to fill (like offensive line, cornerback and edge rusher).

Now, if you want to pay Tyrod Taylor to be your quarterback then you better make damn sure you hit on your picks in the draft and you better get the best value you possibly can for your offseason acquisitions. GM Mike Maccagnan is heading into what might be the most important offseason of his career. Taylor is a good quarterback but at a time where you need to hit on a long term quarterback, I just can’t see him being that guy moving forward.

In the draft, Mac has to be smart about what he does. If you think that Rosen or Darnold is your guy for the future, you HAVE to do what it takes to get them. That means packaging picks (current and future) to trade up. If Mayfields stock is rising, which it currently is, and you have to trade up a few spots to get him then you have to make that move. Lamar Jackson? Same thing. This isn’t the year to be tentative and hope a guy falls into your lap. The Jets have been stuck in quarterback purgatory for what seems like forever. Now’s not the time to play it safe. The Jets have to hit on a quarterback this offseason and do whatever it takes to get their guy.

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