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Potential landing spots for DeAndre Jordan

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The Clippers need to trade their star center. Without Chris Paul, he is having one of the least efficient seasons since 2012, and Blake is out for 2 months with his injury.  The Clippers season was heading downhill before Blake’s injury, and now that he’s out, it is perfect timing to shop DeAndre and his (potentially) expiring contract.  These are the locations that make the most sense for a DeAndre Jordan trade.

Washington Wizards:
Marcin Gortat is a sold center that does all the little thing without complaining about his role.  And while that is nice to have, DeAndre is a star. He would add more defense, be a better vertical threat, and is more efficient than Gortat.   Not to mention what catching passes from Wall could do for his efficiency.  The Wizards might value continuity and their depth over a potential upgrade at Center, which would be the only reason why this wouldn’t happen.

Potential trade:

Wizards get – DeAndre Jordan, Sindaruis Thornwell

Clippers get – Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre, Jason Smith, and a second round pick.

Clippers get a young wing with potential (which they haven’t had since Doc has been there), a decent center, a flier player and a second round pick that would likely be in the 48-54 range.

Wizards get their star center and an unproven young wing who could end up replacing Oubre.

Milwaukee Bucks:
Thon Maker could be a special player, but right now he is too skinny and unproven to be the starting center on a team with playoff hopes.   He could be much better used as a backup.  Milwaukee currently has a top 5 player producing an MVP type season, but is still sitting around .500 on the year.  One addition has already been made to the team in Eric Bledsoe, but adding another potential all star could be jus the thing this team needs.

Potential trade:

Bucks get – DeAndre Jordan

Clippers get – Kris Middleton, Matthew Dellevadova, and Rashaud Vaughn

Kris Middleton is the big get here for LA. Delly will help with the PG rotation until Patrick Beverley and/or Milos Tedosic get back.   Vaughn is the sweetener the Bucks use to get LA to take Delly’s contract. He is another young wing with with unexplored potential that the Clippers could use the rest of this season to put to the test and see what type of player Vaughn actually is.

Dallas Mavericks:
The biggest obstacle to this happening is the fact that DeAndre already spurned the Mavs a few years ago in free agency. If the Mavs can get over that, a trade could be easy to find between the 2 sides.  Dallas is still looking for their future center (which they apparently think Nerlens Noel isn’t)

Potential trade:

Mavs get – DeAndre Jordan

Clippers get – Nerlens Noel, Wesley Matthews, and a second round pick

The Mavs do this because they finally get their franchise center, and the Clippers get a much younger center who does most of the same things that DeAndre does, a wing who can shoot and defend, and a second round pick which will likely be in the 34-40 range, a place where a lot of good second rounders are drafted.

Toronto Raptors:
Jonas Valanciunas is very much like Marcin Gortat, a serviceable center who does some good things, but is not an all star.  DeAndre is an all star, and better rim protector, and a better vertical lob threat.

Potential trade:

Raptors get – DeAndre Jordan

Clippers get – OG Anunoby, Bruno Caboclo, Jonas Valancuinas

Raptors say yes because they finally get rid of some of their depth and package for some needed star power.  Clippers get an already good young wing (OG) and an older wing with untapped potential who could be a 3 & D guy, as well as a serviceable center to use and possibly flip later in the season or next season for another player or a pick.

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