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Tom Brady vs Josh McDaniels, was Brady out of line?

Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Every once in awhile people get caught up in their emotions. We definitely saw that from Gronkowski’s controversial on Tre’Davious White, where Brady even said “Rob let his emotions get the best of him.” Well, Brady was right, but he also got caught up in his emotions this past Sunday.

In case you missed it, Brady was seen on the sidelines screaming at his offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, after a failed third down conversion against the Bills. Normally, McDaniels and Brady have rock solid chemistry, so it’s clear that this came in the heat of the moment and was not personal what so ever.

Personally, I don’t think it is okay for a player to yell at a coach. Growing up playing sports, I have learned that it should be the other way around. Despite that, if any player at all had the right to yell at a coach in frustration, it’s Tom Brady. Brady may as well be his own offense coordinator at this point considering all the knowledge he’s gained from the start of his career. Now that’s no knock on McDaniels, because he is a fantastic offensive coordinator, but you all know what I mean. At the same time, if any other player did this, I feel like it would be a way bigger issue. First, because every Patriots fan knows that McDaniels and Brady have absolutely no issues with each other, and secondly because a player of Brady’s caliber must have had a good reason to be yelling at his offensive coordinator. Brady has an excuse while some other players would not. Considering all of this, I don’t think it would be okay for any player to yell at his coach, but if it was going to be one player, it looks the best with Brady doing it.

Anyways, according to the Boston Herald, McDaniels said “being in the game a long time, and understanding Tommy’s a very emotional person, and player, it’s part of what makes him great. You understand those things happen. You know it’s never personal. You move on quickly from it. We did, and we have.”

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, everything is great between Brady and McDaniels. Nobody really should have ever been worried in the first place, because an elite team like the Patriots know to never let their emotions get in the way of winning. Regardless, it is good for Patriot fans to know that there is no turmoil in the locker room. That is always a positive sign when approaching the playoffs.

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