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Mike Mitchell sounds off on NFL suspensions


Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, on Wednesday, ranted to reporters about the recent suspensions handed down by the NFL, which have caused some displeasure among players and fans alike.

The video above, from Mark Kaboly, shows Mitchell getting animated about the protections placed on offensive players and the physicality of the game in general. His speech will definitely pump you up, and he has a very clear point: football is a full contact sport played at full speed. He voices his opinion on throws over the middle, where safeties are known to make huge hits on receivers trying to make a catch. Safeties and linebackers take pride in controlling this territory, and to ask to soften their game is to ask them to be ashamed of themselves.

Again, football is a full contact sport at full speed. A play like Gronkowski’s that earned a suspension has no place in any game, but others who have earned suspensions were making heat of the moment, bang-bang plays. While player safety is extremely important, in contact

football, it is necessary to play full-force and make split decisions. To me, a legitimate football play shouldn’t earn a player a suspension. A small fine is useful to illustrate a point, but to take players away from their teams in the middle of the season is unnecessary, especially for legitimate football plays.

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