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Who else should be trying to trade for Giancarlo Stanton?

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The San Francisco Giants are leading the charge to land Giancarlo Stanton, a decision is expected to be made anytime within the next week. To be a suitor for a player like Stanton you need to be willing to commit a lot of money for a long, long, long time. There are cases to be made for each team currently in the chase, and there’s also a case for a few more to jump in.

San Francisco Giants: After coming off a season ranked last in homeruns, the Giants are a team in desperate need of power. Hitting just 128 homers brought them to a 64-98 record, a last place finish in the division. The Giants aren’t just worried about acquiring Stanton, they also can’t afford to lose him to their division rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants have committed $160 million to next year’s payroll, Stanton will be putting a $25 million hit on that the next year and two for $26 million for two after that before getting into the $30 million range from 2021-26. Plugging him in with Buster Posey, Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence would really help this Giants lineup.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals 196 homeruns last season had them finishing just below the league average in 2017. With just over $117 million on 2018’s payroll the Cardinals will have plenty of money to spend on a franchise-altering power hitter. However, without the threat of a division rival getting Stanton the Cardinals are also willing to look for other options. The addition of Marcell Ozuna could actually add some affordable power to the Cardinal lineup if the Marlins were willing to deal him after a Stanton trade.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers are no strangers to spending money, or taking on contracts. In 2012 the Dodgers traded for Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett while also taking on over $250 million in contracts, that would still be $45 million less than taking on just Stanton, but he could be worth it. The Dodgers, like the Giants, also wouldn’t want to see Stanton slip away within the division, but being the World Series runner-ups probably doesn’t add much to their sense of urgency.

Seattle Mariners: With the recent acquisition of Dee Gordon the Seattle Mariners seem to be a team that should really be considering a player like Stanton. The Mariners could totally revamp their lineup by adding Stanton. The Mariners finished with 200 homeruns last season, just at about the league average. The Mariners could be a tempting spot, they finished in 3rd place in the AL West with a 78-84 record, the additions of Gordon and potentially Stanton (and maybe even Ohtani) could really propel this club to the postseason.

Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox are in a tough spot, Stanton has specified that he wants to be traded somewhere out west, specifically California. The Red Sox were one of the worst power hitting teams last year, the loss of David Ortiz has hindered their lineup’s power. A big market like Boston has plenty of money to spend on a free-agent like this, and hitting at Fenway Park would almost quite honestly be a joke for him. However, being such a vicious media market as well as being located in a cold northern city has pushed Stanton’s interests away. The Red Sox, like the Cardinals should look into Ozuna or Christian Yelich.

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