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LeSean McCoy plus snow, equals a great combo

Credit: AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

The Buffalo Bills 13-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts game Sunday isn’t being talked about solely on that fact that the Bills win kept them a wild card berth, but that they literally played in a blizzard. Luckily for the Bills, running back LeSean McCoy, who’s the team’s offensive leader actually performs very well in heavy snow conditions.

Like really well.

Ironically during week 14 in 2013, McCoy rushed for 217 yards and two touchdowns on 29 carries. He set not only a career record but a franchise record as well. The Eagles won 34-20 as McCoy wrote his name in the history books. “It was tough, to be honest,” McCoy said back in 2013 during their snow game against the Lions. “But the guys were giving me so much room. I actually like to run in between the tackles.”

Fast forward to 2017, piles of snow on the ground and McCoy did it again. Rushing for 156 yards and the game winning touchdown in overtime, McCoy lead his team yet again to another snow-blizzard victory.

“This game was a lot harder than the Philadelphia game,” McCoy said. “I think the biggest reason for that was that the snow never stopped and the wind never stopped. In the first half of the Philly game, it was crazy, but it stopped at halftime. We could run the ball a lot better. Where in this game, it continued to snow and snow and snow.

“I think this is probably the best [snow game], or the worst one.”

The Bills have three games left on their schedule and if they were to win all three then they would secure a playoff berth without needing any help. So for Bills sake, hopefully they’ll be some more lake effect snow come the next three Sundays.

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