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The Jets Are Exactly Who We Thought They Were, Get Shutout By Broncos On Road

Credit: John Leyba, The Denver Post

I would say this was a “same old Jets” game but that would have to involve playing an actual football game. That didn’t happen in Denver on Sunday. The Jets showed less effort than they would in a walk through on the way to getting beat down by the Broncos. It was a far cry from the effort shown in a comeback win against the Chiefs last week.

On offense, Josh McCown went 6/12 for 46 yards with an interception and a fumble. He was constantly running for his life behind an offensive line that was bullied all day by Denvers defensive line and that allowed four sacks. Not once did he lead the Jets into scoring position or even posed a threat to score on Denver. He broke his hand in the third and was replaced by Bryce Petty, who looked like he was playing with eyes closed, going 2/9 for 14 yards and missing open receivers by ten yards.

It was another bad game running the ball as the Jets could only manage 59 yards rushing on 23 carries. The offensive line got no push at any point in the game. For all of the praise John Morton got last week against the Chiefs, he deserves equally as much criticism for his game plan this week.

On defense, it was another let down to a team that is awful. Demaryius Thomas took Morris Claibornes lunch money all game. Claiborne had his worst outing as a Jet. He was constantly had bad position on routes and got beat like a drum. The Jets front seven got zero pressure on Trevor Siemian and was sleep walking for the entire game. You would have that they were playing against John Elway. Mo Wilkerson once again proved to be the laziest, least motivated player in the league and decided to give a Mile High salute after recording a “sack” by touching Siemian after he tripped. He couldn’t be off this team any faster.

Todd Bowles has been getting “coach of the year” articles written about him for the better part of the season because the tanking, depleted Jets have won five games. Coaches of the year don’t go 1-5 on the road and sleepwalk through two winnable games against awful opponents (Tampa Bay and now Denver). With a chance to stop the clock with a minute and a half left in the first half, having all three timeouts and getting the ball to start the second half, he decided to stand on the sideline stone faced. He once again proved that he is scared to coach to win. The Jets staff has gotten credit for supposedly having this team ready to play all year but losing by 23 points to an inferior team on an eight game losing streak is unacceptable.

With three games left in the season, the honeymoon stage is over. The Jets were fun, likable and easy to root for in the first 12 games of the season. They punched above their weight class in a number of games and hung with playoff teams for 85% of those games. With this performance, it’s now time to face reality. The Jets lack talent at premium positions such as quarterback, cornerback and edge rusher which have failed to be addressed by the general manager outside of band aid moves for aging veterans. They have the worst center in the league and have essentially been playing with four offensive linemen all season because of it. With all of this cap space and a top 10 pick on the way, it’s crunch time for this regime.

We only have three more weeks of this. You can either choose to just enjoy that we have three more weeks of watching our favorite team play or you can sulk with the fake belief this team could have made the playoffs. You won’t learn anything you don’t already know about this team and the players on it.

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