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What does Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees mean for baseball?

The New York Yankees have acquired Giancarlo Stanton in one of the biggest trades in MLB history. The deal adds Stanton, who hit a league leading 59 homers last season, to a lineup with Homerun Derby champion Aaron Judge who launched 52 homeruns in his first full MLB season.

The Yankees will send Starlin Castro and prospects to the Marlins in exchange for taking on the remaining $295 million of Stanton’s monster contract.

Yankee Stadium saw 243 homeruns by the Yankees last season, the third most for their home park in the MLB. According to MLB park factors Yankee Stadium is ranked 2nd in the league in home run hitting. This Yankee lineup will be one of the most powerful anyone has ever seen, and with the right field fence in Yankee Stadium being as generous as it is it wouldn’t be surprising if Judge and Stanton combined for 120 homers.

Marlins owner and former Yankee Derek Jeter has began reshaping the franchise. Dee Gordon is in Seattle and Stanton is headed to New York. How much of that connection aided in getting Stanton to New York? It’s tough to say. Jeter wouldn’t purposely make the Yankees better, but the relationships he built there may have made the transaction easier. Whatever it may be, there are a lot of teams in this league that have some work to deal after a mammoth deal like this one.

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