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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott has bet with Eric Dickerson that he’ll rush for 200 yards in his return

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Despite the recent solid play from running backs, Alfred Morris and Rod Smith, it goes without question that the Dallas Cowboys clearly miss running back Ezekiel Elliott. Luckily for them, they’ll get the 2016-17 leading rusher back next Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

And luckily for them, the plan is they’ll be getting a lot more from Elliott in his return.

For some reason a TMZ reporter saw Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson in a Los Angeles parking garage and asked him about Elliott. And Dickerson told him that he just saw Elliott and that the two have a bet for next week’s game on if Elliott will rush for 200 yards or not.

“Man Zeke’s good. I just saw Zeke. I just saw him today. He’s very good. He’s working out,” Dickerson said. “I’m glad to see he’s kind of disappeared for a while. He’ll be ready. Me and him have a personal bet.”

Dickerson went on to add, “He said he’s going to get 200 yards in his return. I told him no,” Dickerson added. “The bet is — if he gets 200 yards, I have to give him one of my jerseys. It’s going to be one of my special ones I played in. If he doesn’t get 200 yards he has to give me one of his jerseys.”

If Elliott were to rush for 200 yards against Seattle then that would be a record as Seattle has never allowed a 200 yard rusher under Pete Carroll before. The closest someone ever came, was in 2012 when Adrian Peterson rushed for 182 yards on 17 carries. They have allowed a TEAM to rush for 200 yards before and that was back in 2013. It was when Mike James and the Buccaneers took the Seahawks to overtime.

Nonetheless 200 yards or not, the Dallas Cowboys and fantasy owners are more than excited to see number 21 return to the field.

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