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James Harrison and the New England Patriots Drama

Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

Last Week the Steelers dropped James Harrison because they felt they had no need for him.  Just a week after he was released, Harrison signs with the Patriots.

Finally… A teammate that’s older than me!😂😂 @tombrady

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In what could be one of the worst player dumps in recent memory, Steeler Nation now looks forward to the chance their “Stillers” can play James Harrison… and the Patriots in a rematch.

Tomlin and his staff were convinced that he had nothing else to give. When Harrison was released, he claimed their were no hard feelings. If you believe that, there is a bridge in the city I would love to sell you.

If the Steelers and the Patriots are lucky enough to face off in the AFC Championship game, you can bet that Harrison will be playing like a man with his hair on fire.  (Yes, I know he has no hair but you get the point) If you don’t think he will, your mistaken once again.

There is no doubt he is not an every down linebacker, but he will be the healthiest defensive player on the team.  Not to mention, the angriest if and when they face the Steelers.

If a rematch wasn’t must see TV before,  count on it being even more compelling if and when it happens.  The Steelers front office and coaching staff appear to be in a no win situation.  (That they put themselves in)

The fan base loved James and how he played.  They also questioned why he not only did not play much this season, but did not even get a hat most of the time.  If he does not play or does not make a difference then the story fades away and becomes the latest in legends leaving not on their own terms.

What would be worse, is if he plays and would happen to be a difference maker in a rematch.  Without question, the coaching staff and front office would be french fried in the media and fanbase alike. They would deserve everything they get in that sense.

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