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Tom Brady has a broken bone in his right hand

Credit: Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Despite a first round bye the New England Patriots are still making headlines as we enter the NFL’s Wild Card weekend. With an alarming story from ESPN stating that a potential divorce between the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick could happen this off-season and that there’s a drastic amount of tension between the two.

So much tension that Brady went to owner Robert Kraft and forced his hand to trade backup Jimmy Garoppolo because Brady saw him as threat. Belichick, who was prepping Garoppolo to replace Brady was infuriated by this decision according to ESPN’s Seth Wickersham.

But the headlines don’t stop there.

According to a source within the organization, Brady has been playing with a broken bone in his right hand for the last few weeks.

Which could relate to why over the last five weeks Tom Brady ranks 12th in QBR and is behind other quarterbacks like Joe Flacco, Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston. Now while some may say age may be a factor for his poor performance or injuries to his receivers may be a problem. But it’s not the problem. Brady’s not just missing a few throws, he’s missing a lot of them and that’s not Brady-like or age, it’s because he’s playing injured.

Since week 12 Brady has been on the Patriots injury report with an Achilles injury. In an interview with CBS’ Jim Gray, Brady said “I think they have me listed as my Achilles.”

Brady’s lack of performance isn’t age, it isn’t Belichick giving up and trying to expose Brady, it isn’t his receivers, it’s because he’s playing injured.

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