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Bill Belichick and reporter go at it

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The stage is set for Super Bowl 52 with the Philadelphia Eagles versus the New England Patriots. But the cast however, is not. Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski’s status is still up in air with a concussion and everyone in New England wants to know if he’ll be ready to play. Take a look at this transcript of a reporter from Wednesday morning’s news conference. After a perfectly valid question about Gronkowski’s injury status — the Patriots tight end suffered a concussion during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game — prompted Belichick’s standard “we’ll release our injury report when we release it” response, the reporter wouldn’t take that as an answer as he kept pushing. Check it out:

Reporter: “Can you give us an update on Rob Gronkowski? Has he finished his concussion protocol, and do you expect him to play?”
Belichick: “Yeah, we’ll be compliant with the NFL injury report, and when that’s required, we’ll put it on there.”

Reporter: “When is that process finished?”
Belichick: “When’s what process finished?”

Reporter: “The concussion report…”
Belichick: “Whatever his situation, whatever his status is, we’ll put it on the injury report. We’ll make sure you’re the first one to get it.”

Reporter: “I’m sure you will.”
Belichick: “Yeah, not a problem.”

Reporter: “Do you expect him to play?”
Belichick: “We’ll put it right on the injury report, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Reporter: “OK.”
Belichick: “Just like everybody else does. We’ll make sure you’re first on the list, too.”

Reporter: “Thank you, I appreciate it.”
Belichick: “Don’t want to hold anything back here. We’ll get that out there right away.”

Reporter: “I know, I know you don’t.”
Belichick: “That’s all we can do.”

Here’s the video of the exchange:

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