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Who will win Super Bowl 52?


Since losing Carson Wentz for the season after suffering a torn ACL in week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams, the Philadelphia Eagles have been counted out of every Super Bowl discussion this season. Though fast forward to today and the Eagles are sitting in Minneapolis preparing for Super Bowl 52. And we thought upsets only happened in March.

As for the AFC team, it’s no shock as it’s the defending champions, the New England Patriots. Though, it was expected, it certainly wasn’t a smooth ride here. A season ending injury to Julian Edelman, a suspension to Rob Gronkowski, a multiple page report from ESPN saying that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady dynasty was coming to an end and Tom Brady dealing with a painful hand injury. But despite all of the ups and downs, the New England Patriots are not only competing for Super Bowl 52 but they’re the odds on favorite.

Now unlike most games, the Super Bowl is a fun one to not only watch but one where you can place wagers on almost anything from the winner to which song is going to be played at halftime. With that being said take a look at some of the things that you can wager on next Sunday.

Now even though you can place a wager on Justin Timberlake’s song, SexyBack, the main attraction for next Sunday will be who’s going to come out on top? So let’s break it down.

How the Philadelphia Eagles can win:
The Eagles will need to continue to get good production out of Nick Foles if they want to have a fighting chance against New England. Though that’s not all as they’ll need their defense to continue where they left off at in the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. Now yes, Case Keenum is no Tom Brady but holding the Vikings to just seven points and forcing three turnovers is a type of production that they’ll need on Super Bowl Sunday. Another key way to beat New England is to get to Brady and sack him, knock him down and really just try and rattle him. While it’s not easy, the Jacksonville Jaguars were able to do that and almost came out on top.

How the New England Patriots can win:
Tom Brady has been turnover free in the playoffs thus far and has looked phenomenal. As he’ll turn to face another stout defense on Super Bowl Sunday, Brady will have to be turnover free as the Eagles thrive off of turnovers (fourth most in the NFL). But most importantly they’ll need their defense to step it up and play well against Foles who’s looked nothing like a backup in these playoffs thus far. If the Patriots can force a couple turnovers and get an early lead this Super Bowl could be over really early.

So who wins?
While this underdog story has been cool to follow, it’s going to come to an end on Super Bowl Sunday as this New England team is just so hard to beat as no one prepares and adjusts better than the New England Patriots. I love the -5 spread here as I think New England will have no problem covering the five points at all and should easily win by at least a touchdown.

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