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Old Timers versus the Underdogs Super Bowl LII

So it’s the same old New England Patriots versus the underdog Eagles in this year’s Super Bowl. The Patriots are seemingly unbeatable right now and the Eagles are constantly doubted by many people, including me. I’m not a Nick Foles but he has proved me wrong. Yes, Doug Pederson is proving to be a quarterback genius and Nick Foles is mainly a system quarterback, but the man is playing great football.

Foles has a bad QBR while under pressure, yet he made one of the best throws in this playoff series to Torrey Smith while under pressure. While I do believe this Eagles’ defense is one of the best, I don’t believe their defensive secondary is one of the best the Patriots have faced. New England just beat the most talented defense in the NFL last week and picked them apart. The Jags simply got out-coached, and that is something the Eagles will have to be ready for. Not Tom Brady, not Rob Gronkowski, but Bill Belichick. He is the best coach of all time, in my opinion, and all he wants is a ring.

Yes the Eagles will have to stop Brady and Gronk, but Bill Belichick is someone who you can’t stop. His in-game adjustments are the best in the NFL and he can seemingly predict the future. He made the Jags get out of their comfort zone on defense, which is man coverage, and made them run cover 4, the most conservative defense in the game of football.

Each of these teams really have the talent to be where they are, but again, this game will come down to coaching. Don’t get me wrong, Doug Pederson is a really, really good coach, but there’s a difference between being really, really good and absolutely great. – And that difference is the five Super Bowl rings, that Bill Belichick has.

A game with a system quarterback versus a shady defense is going to be alright to watch, but when you see Brady throw the ball on this Philly defense. . . that’s when this game will be fun. Brady averages 318 passing yards a game during this postseason, having faced one of the best defenses in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars.And they’ll face a team with a similar defense in the Eagles. Being a Cowboys fan, I hate to say this, but I really like the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense. Everything from personnel to scheme, I love. This defense is really good, but not unbeatable.

As I mentioned in my Conference Championship Preview, the Philly defense struggles when it comes to double moves. This has been their knock all year, but they have improved. You can watch time and time again as Jalen Mills jumps on the sluggo just to get burned down field. Yet the problem with the Patriots all year has been their run defense. And Philly doesn’t run the ball as much as a team like Jacksonville, but they run the ball really well. They run so many RPOs (Run Pass Options) and they are good at it. It is how they have allowed Nick Foles to stay clean in the pocket and make short and fast throws – and this increases Nick’s confidence, which helps him get more comfortable in throwing the ball down field.

Payne’s Pick

As you might be able to tell, I pick the Patriots to come out on top of Super Bowl LII. I don’t imagine Belichick being beaten on a stage like this by Nick Foles. Don’t get me wrong, this Eagles defense is good, but I guess we will have to see if they have what it takes to get Doug Pederson his first Super Bowl win.

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