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Major changes are set to happen in Seattle

Photo from Seattle Seahawks

It’s been quite a day for the Seattle Seahawks.

Not too long after reports of cornerback Richard Sherman leaving Seattle started to circulate, defensive end Michael Bennett quickly took the spotlight away by being traded, himself, to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Seattle sent the three-time Pro-Bowler and a seventh-round draft pick to Philadelphia in exchange for receiver Marcus Jonson and a fifth-round pick.

While the front office in Seattle has yet to confirm, as any trade deals cannot be made official until the new league year begins on March 14th, the news of the trade shouldn’t come as a surprise as even Bennett himself spoke earlier this year about his days in Seattle being numbered.

“I probably won’t be back next year. Just seems like it’s a young man’s game. I can see them going younger, with younger players,” Bennett told The News Tribune.

With the Seahawks missing the playoffs for the first time since 2012 and going 9-7 this season, this trade also comes right after news broke that the Seattle locker room is looking to be a “little quieter”.

“Production has been really no question here, but this is a team that’s trying to maybe quiet things down a little bit compared to over the last couple years,” NFL insider Ian Rapaport said.

While Rapaport shut down any rumors that this statement was in regards to Bennett’s increasing social activism, it does make you wonder.

Just last year, Bennett made headline news with allegations of racial profiling from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Not to mention, Bennett also became a huge force in protesting racial inequality last season by sitting during the national anthem and having other defensive lineman join in.

And then there’s Sherman.

Speculation of his departure came about right before Bennett, with teammates and Sherman’s mother posting cryptic goodbyes on social media.

Though, this is more of a speculation than the Bennett deal as Sherman himself told ESPN’s Josina Anderson in a text that he has no clue what anyone is talking about.

Either way, the locker room dynamic is definitely changing in Seattle. With Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor unlikely to come back, the switch in defensive coordinators, and now the news of Richard Sherman being out the door – the Legion of Boom is effectively over and to be replaced with fresh faces, younger players in hopes of building around quarterback Russell Wilson who still have years to grow.

“It seems like they’re breaking the band up. They want to start over. They want to go in a different direction I guess,” Avril told reporters on Wednesday.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this dramatic. You see it with the coaches and staff a little bit. But I didn’t expect this many guys to be leaving. These guys have been playing at a high level for a long time.”

So yes, Seattle is cleaning house as their defense gets a heavy facelift. The real question is: Whose next up on the chopping block?

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