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Donte Moncrief signs one-year deal with Jaguars

Credit: AP Photo/R Brent Smith

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports wideout Donte Moncrief will sign a one-year, $9.6 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars that is fully guaranteed.

Guaranteed contracts have been the headline this offseason after quarterback Kirk Cousins got his $84 million contract fully guaranteed by the Minnesota Vikings.

This is an interesting deal as not only is it fully guaranteed, but $9.6 million over one year? That’s pretty good for a player who has only just 56 catches for 698 yards over 21 games the last two years. Moncrief won’t turn 25 until August, however, so this is a good investment on their end as he’s young and has a promising impressive skill set. Jacksonville is clearly betting on Moncrief reaching his potential this season.

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