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Would fun facts about each team in the NCAA Tournament save your bracket?

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Chances are if you’re reading this then your bracket is either busted or in the trash. If it’s not, then you’re one of the very few people in the world. With two number one seeds already eliminated, Xavier and Virginia; Virginia, the first one seed to lose to a 16 seed ever. And with Arizona, Michigan State, North Carolina and Purdue all eliminated, the chances of your bracket being in contention aren’t good. This just goes to show you that March Madness is in the air.

So how do you make a perfect bracket? Even though we just made it through the first weekend of the Tournament, according to’s bracket challenge, not one bracket is perfect. So, I guess let’s rephrase the question to; how do I make a bracket that can win my bracket pool?

For starters there’s no secret recipe…unfortunately. However, if you did some deep, deep…very deep research then you would’ve had a shot. Or at the very least then you would’ve been in contention for your bracket pool right now. If you did do some research or stumbled upon some fun facts about each March Madness team, then you would’ve been in a very nice position come Monday morning.

If you did read that fun fact article in the link above, then you would’ve looked like a guru come Monday morning as you would’ve had the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) beating Virginia. Yes, in the article above it told you that, UMBC ranks first in the country in “Luck.”

You would’ve saw that UCLA has been in a drought since 1995, so a play-in game against a St. Bonaventure, on the east coast wouldn’t be in their favor.

You would’ve saw that Auburn declares Charles Barkley as their best basketball player in program history. And with knowing that, and with knowing how bad Barkely’s golf swing is that you wouldn’t have put them past Clemson.

Now obviously fun facts will never determine a bracket, knowledge will never determine a bracket and skill will never determine a bracket. Because come March, anything can happen and we’re seeing that this year. But fun facts, make the process a lot more fun.

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