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Blaising: MLB’s opening day is here

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally here! Yes, opening day in baseball is here. Growing up this was my favorite day in the sports world. Growing up baseball was king! I loved to watch the sweet swing of Jr, or moon shot home runs from Bonds as he rocked the trademark gold cross. Then as I got a little older I found myself getting a little less excited for the start of the baseball season and a lot of that had to do with the fact that baseball lost the big name guys. That has clearly changed and that is a great thing for baseball. Now it is time for baseball to capitalize on the fact they are stocked with great young talent and even better most of the great young stars are playing in major markets. From New York to LA baseball is in a golden area and they need to make sure they don’t miss out on this chance to push the young players. The Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, and Astros are stocked with great young talent and the White Sox are in the process of bringing in a lot of great young players.

Starting with the most iconic team in baseball the New York Yankees. The best thing to happen to baseball is that the Yankees have a true young stud in Aaron Judge. Not only is Judge a star in the making he does what everyone in baseball loves! He hits moon shot home runs. The Yankees have more than just Judge when it comes to young stars. Last season the Yankees made a run to the ALCS and they might not have even won the wild card game vs the Twins if not for Didi Gregorius and his monster game in the Wild Card round. It was Gregorius and his first inning three run shot that brought life into Yankee stadium after they fell down 3-0. Didi of course was tagged with replacing Derek Jeter and showed he was more than ready to replace the Yankee great. The added bounce for baseball is that Gregorius plays a marquee position in Shortstop. And he isn’t the only great young Shortstop in baseball. Baseball at its peak in the late 90’s was led by A-Rod, Jeter, and Nomar. Anyone that has ever played baseball knows that the Shortshop on the team was the man.

This brings me to the next reason why baseball is in great shape. The Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Indians and Astros all have a great young shortstop. The Cubs have two young shortstops in Russell and Baez. Baseball needs to find a way to make these guys the face of the game. Much like football did with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Baseball just like football was blessed that Brady and Manning played year after year in the playoffs. Baseball too is blessed to get their young Shortstops in playoff matchups. The last two years’ baseball has a World Series with Russell and Lindor followed by Seager vs Correa.

It is time for baseball to step up and find a way to market all these young stars. Make sure they are in the all start game. Make sure their faces are all over the place. Baseball has the Yankees stacked with young talent. The Dodgers cleaned house of the older vets to make room for the young stars. The Chicago Cubs going into this season have only one position player over thirty on their 25 man roster in Ben Zobrist. The question now for baseball is how do they take these young stars in major markets and make them the face. Baseball has always been a very regional sport, but with so many great young players in major markets that are winning it is time baseball finds a way to make sure everyone can see these guys play.

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