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Review: “Get Up” is a Wonderful next step for Greenberg and Company

This past week, ESPN launched its new morning show that has been in the works since last year.  “Get Up” is the show title and it stars Former Mike and Mike Host Mike Greenberg, along with Michelle Beadle and Former NBA Star and analyst Jalen Rose. They also feature a rotating weekly host, the first week was Anthony “Booger” McFarland and this week it’s Damien Woody. This is the latest attempt by ESPN at a Morning News and Entertainment Program.

I have watched every show on DVR  to make sure I could give the show a good look and a fair chance.  From my stand point, the hosts have chemistry and seem to be having fun on the set which translates through.

Mike Greenberg was the former co-host of the most successful radio show in the history of ESPN with Mike and Mike.  The other Mike of course was Mike Golic, former NFL player and the shows original host even before the addition of Greenberg.The two announced the end of the show last summer and by November Golic had a steady diet of co- hosts.  Golic rebooted his morning radio show as the co-host with Trey Wingo to form the Golic and Wingo show.

This is Jalen Rose’s first show on ESPN in which he is one of the leads and he succeeds in his role.   Because of ESPN’s NBA Heavy coverage, the addition of a Former NBA athlete makes sense and Jalen’s great personality plays in this setting.  He is knowledgable enough in the other sports to get by and when they venture deeper in-depth into one of the other sports or interview, they go with a two host format or incorporate the additional weekly rotating host if it’s not Basketball related.

Although the show has not opened to Rave reviews, and there have been some bumps along the way, the show succeeds for the most part.   It does o because Greenberg and Beadle have great Chemistry and addition of Rose enhances that.

It’s not SportsCenter, so if you have not seen it and you’re looking for that style of show, turn away.   Though, The show is packed full of sports coverage they tangle off the field stories into their coverage well. It’s not ESPN/TMZ but you do get a little of that.  The debates are real amongst the hosts and when the graphic with all for faces in single frames on the screen is a nice touch.

As ESPN continues to change its programming to fit it’s new look and feel after all the firings, this program works for me.

I have to say though, As a sports junkie, I miss Mike and Mike. It was a show I listened to from the first day the two were paired, to the end of their run. From Golic Singing “Good Morning”, to the “Bob Picozzi did you knowzzi” all the way up to the “Sheets of Integrity.”  Mostly everything they did worked for me. But as we all know  all good things come to an end.

So With that said,  “Get Up” is a Wonderful next step for Greenberg and Company.  Wait…. Maybe that should have been the Title!

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