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Why Braun Strowman should be the TOP guy

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Now that the Superstars of the WWE have been “shaken-up,” each of the Raw and Smackdown rosters feature main stays of talent, both old and new. However, there is one man that needs our undivided attention for a main event push, Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men has the size, look and surprisingly good mic skills to be the WWE’s TOP GUY.

I have read enough Roman Reigns hate tweets that it would make Lebron James blush. Reigns has been forced fed to the WWE universe for over 4 years now and fans simply are not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling for him. I’m not saying Reigns needs to become a full-fledged heel, but a change in his character would be a nice touch. The great hope is in the form a Strowman. A guy that WWE initially built as an unstoppable monster, who would beat down no name enhancement talent and crush your favorite babyface. In the last few months the character change has shifted, although the makeup of Strowman is the same, crush opponent…leave, he is now showing humility.

Take his WrestleMania moment from this year. Braun Strowman destroyed a Mardi Gras float on his way to the ring and was still the most loved man in New Orleans during his tag-team match. He then went into the crowd and chose a 10-year old boy to be his partner. Stroman got a little boy over in 5 minutes on the biggest stage in professional wrestling. Although this seemed like a “Make A Wish,” ploy, who could not love this “Monster,” making a little boys dream come true.

Strowman is a believable contender. He doesn’t need to be pushed to the moon in the next week, however his coronation should happen by SummerSlam in August. A nice 4-month build that shows the range of his character even more. His home is Monday Night Raw and there are plenty of talented folks on that roster that can make him look like a million bucks. Not to mention he is a guy you can trust to do Media appearances, be an ambassador to the brand, and make the WWE Universal Championship mean something again. This one-year plus run of Brock Lesnar as a “part-time” champion is getting old fast! We need a hero, not the hero we want, but the hero we need.

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