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Top Landing Spots for Dez Bryant and Why He Will be Better Off Elsewhere

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Last week, pro-bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant was cut by the Dallas Cowboys after playing 8 seasons with the team. Bryant led the Cowboys in all time receiving touchdowns with 73, is third in receptions and fifth in receiving yards in franchise history. Needless to say, Bryant played his heart out day-in and day-out for The Cowboys, and after 8 seasons, he was cut.

It’s true, what the great multi-sport athlete, Deion Sanders said. At the end of the day, every professional sport is a business. Dez Bryant got his feelings hurt after being cut by the Cowboys, and I would’ve been hurt too. He gave all he had for the organization, and they did not even offer to restructure his contract. At the end of the day, I would want revenge against the Cowboys.

What teams can Dez Bryant go to?

New York Giants
NFC East. NFC East. NFC East. The Giants are a team that can likely make a run at Dez Bryant. With Jason Pierre-Paul off the payroll after the team traded him to the Buccaneers, the Giants cleared up close to $8 million in cap space. With Eli Manning’s contract taking up over $20 million of the cap, there has to be some re-structuring done there. But other than that, Dez on the Giants can make perfect sense. With a quarterback like Eli Manning who is not afraid to make any throw, Dez can excel on the Giants, and also fulfill his goal of playing against the Dallas Cowboys twice during the regular season.

Green Bay Packers
I have one name for you. Aaron. Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers. One of the most talented football players to play the game. To quote Stephen A. Smith, “That BAAAD man!”. There are endless ways I could describe Aaron Rodgers to you. If Dez Bryant was to go there, that would be scary. You can see how Rodgers is doing with a tall athletic receiver in Davante Adams. Now imagine someone with a better skillset and a little more athleticism. That’s Dez Bryant for you.

By going to the Packers, Bryant increases his shot at winning a super bowl (or even a playoff game) and that would feel much better than beating the Cowboys twice in a year (just my opinion).

Dez. If you’re reading this, please go to the Packers. Take the minor pay cut. Win a super bowl. F**k the Cowboys!

New England Patriots
This is a veteran’s goal. Take a large pay cut and go play for Belicheck and the New England Patriots. Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco, and maybe Dez Bryant is next on that list. With an offense as explosive as the Patriots and with an all-time great at the quarterback position, Dez can put himself in the position to continue to get his stats up while staying on a winning team and make a run to the Super Bowl.

Washington Redskins
Once again, another NFC East team who could be in the run to sign Dez Bryant. The Washington Redskins have one of the most accurate and careful passers in the NFL with Alex Smith. After signing Terrelle Pryor last season, the Redskins hoped to improve their wide receiving core. This did not help, as Pryor completed the season with only 1 touchdown and 240 yards in 15 games! Now with Alex Smith at quarterback, maybe the Redskins can attract Bryant to the nation’s capital to compete against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East.

The Run Down
All in all, the landing spots for Bryant all look not too shabby at all. With the teams either being from the NFC east, or teams that can compete for The Super Bowl, it seems like Bryant will be happy if he ultimately signs with one of the teams I listed. The Patriots should be at the top of the list obviously, because who wouldn’t want to play under Belicheck and Brady? Or if that doesn’t work out, Green Bay baby! I wish nothing but the best for Dez Bryant and I believe the best way for him to avenge the Cowboys is not by beating them twice in a season, but by winning the Super Bowl. That is the best for Dez.

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