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Bombers’ Run: A Weekly Guide to the 2018 New York Yankees (Week 6)

Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6 Record: 6-1

Season Record: 24-10

Week at a Glance:
– Red Sox at Yankees (3 games)
– Oakland Athletics at Yankees (3 games)

Recap it!: I’m going to take you, loyal readers, back to last week’s edition of Bombers’ Run. Remember how weird it was reading a column that was mostly positive? Well, gird your nethers, because the Yankees had an improbable success of a week with a 6-1 record, taking three of four from God’s perfect little band of goody-two-shoes’ — the Houston Astros — and then sucker-punching the Cleveland Indians with a three-game sweep. Even when the team shorts out in the late innings in a comical fashion (we’ll get to that), they still manage to get good breaks and win. Seriously, this is approaching David Lynch-producing Cirque du Soliel while blasted on Sudafed-levels of weird, folks. There were a lot of notable moments this week, so let’s take a look at a few of them. This week included:

Astros strikeout machine and over-enthused dad in a Flonase commercial Justin Verlander spent Tuesday evening pitching a masterful 8.2 shutout innings against the Yankees, racking up 14 strikeouts along the way. So why aren’t I mad? Because the Yankees won the game anyway on a go-ahead three-run jack by Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez off of Astros eminently-hittable closer Ken Giles, who then stalked off the mound and engaged in a bare-knuckle brawl with his own face. I couldn’t make that up if you paid me.

The Yankees bullpen shorting out in comical fashion — with Chasen Shreve, David Robertson and Aroldis Chapman doing their best to flush a six-run lead against the Indians Friday night. Despite all that, the Yanks prevailed again on Miguel Andujar’s walk-off single.

The Yankees bullpen nearly wasting a brilliant six-inning shutout performance on Sunday by spot-starter Domingo German, thanks to the efforts of Dellin Betances. (Dude, stop showing up here in this context!) Déjà vu abounded, as the Yankees walked off again with another three-run homer, this time by second baseman wunderkind Gleyber Torres.

Look, it’s way too early in the season to make any kind of concrete predictions about what this team ultimately will be, especially how pyrotechnically wrong I’ve been when predicting things on The Unspoken Podcast (*SHAMELESS PLUG COMPLETE*). It is evident, however, that this team has talent, potential, and an ability to fight back, even when it isn’t firing on all cylinders (Hi again, Giancarlo!). That’s something that will prove useful in the weeks to come. Where they go, only time will tell.

Look Out For: Red Sox/Yankees rematch! It may save everybody some precious time if they all just came out wearing boxing gloves. Don’t put it past the Baseball Tonight panel to make that joke, by the way. They never waste an opportunity to make the daddest of the dad jokes.

Hey, That’s New!: Domingo German absolutely stymied Indians hitters on Sunday, filling in for the injured Jordan Montgomery. Now I take back everything bad I said about him so far.

Rant of the Week: Psst, I think Trevor Bauer might be crazy. This week, Droney McDronehand decided to take to Twitter (Why is it always Twitter?) to accuse-without-actually-accusing the Astros pitching staff of doctoring baseballs to increase spin rate, thus bumping up pitch speed. Bauer used Astros righthander Charlie Morton as his example.

That’s a serious accusation to make, so what evidence did Mr. Chemtrails-in-my-coffee produce to back this up? Nothing. Absolutely, positively, stone-cold NOTHING!!!! Look, I’ll indulge a good baseball conspiracy theory every once in a while, in fact, I probably dislike George Brett more than I really should for precisely this very reason. But without evidence and just hearsay to go on, this has reached tinfoil hat territory. Give me evidence, and I’ll believe you, Trevor. The Astros themselves, for their part, let Bauer know how they felt about all of these accusations:

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