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Should Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall Get Signed?

There are many teams in the NFL that need depth at the wide receiver position. The two big names on the market at the moment are Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall. While both are very talented receivers, they have their fair share of off the field issues. So will a team take a chance on either player? Here’s my outlook on both guys chances of being picked up.

Let’s start with Dez Bryant. I am a Cowboys fan and personally was not a fan. With that being said, he is a pretty good receiver. Bryant was let go by the Dallas Cowboys after 8 seasons with the organization, even though he agreed to take a pay cut. So what does this say about Dez? He might be a cancer in the locker room. There’s no doubt that Dez Bryant is good. He’s had a great football career so far. He has over 7,000 receiving yards with 73 touchdowns. He’s been named to the pro bowl, as well as being named 1st team All-Pro.

So will Dez get signed? Yes. I think a team will take a chance on him. He could be a huge contributor for whoever may sign him. He’s a big, physical receiver who has always been a red zone threat. I don’t think he will get his wish to play in the NFC East but I do look for Bryant to be on a roster soon.

Brandon Marshall, just like Dez, is a talented player that has issues of his own. It seems like every time you turn on the TV, Marshall is in trouble. Over his career he has over 12,000 yards and 82 touchdowns. He also is 6’5 which definitely helps. Marshall was cut by the New York Giants after a failed physical.

So will Brandon Marshall get signed? I honestly don’t think so. The 34 year old wide receiver is on the down hill slope of his career. He has failed to reach 1,000 yards receiving in 3 of the last 4 seasons. With his failed physical and off field issues, I think it’s time for Brandon Marshall to hang up the cleats.

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