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Bombers’ Run: A weekly guide to the 2018 New York Yankees (Week 8)

Credit: Andy Marlin / USA TODAY Sports

Week 8 Record: 2-1 (Two games postponed)

Season Record: 30-13

Week at a Glance: Yankees at Texas Rangers (3 games), Los Angeles Angels at Yankees (3 games

Recap it!: I’m starting to think Mother Nature hates us baseball fans. Not a vague, general dislike, but a raw, seething hatred, the kind they build John Wick movies around. That’s really the only explanation I can conjure as to why we’ve had so many rainouts this far into the baseball season. Yes indeed, the cruel moist mistress hath struck again, suspending one game of the Nats/Yankees series and completely washing away both the resumed game and the regularly scheduled match the next day. Therefore, there’s only the Royals/Yankees series to talk about for this week’s edition of Bombers’ Run. It’s both implausibly ridiculous and funny in a weird way, like getting stabbed in the eye by an angry leprechaun during a particularly testy game of canasta. Nevertheless, let’s dive on in:

* The starting pitching for the Yankees against the Royals was remarkably consistent, save for CC Sabathia getting victimized by two errors from second baseman Gleyber Torres which lead to two unearned runs in a 5-2 loss on Friday. Severino didn’t have his best stuff but was able to pitch six innings and give up only three earned runs en route to an 8-3 Yankees victory the next day. Finally, Sonny Gray was superb to close the series out, hurling an eight-inning, one-run gem to support a 10-1 bashing of the sub-.500 Royals.

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s the Royals, but hey, every little bit helps. Besides, I think he may have heard what I’ve been saying about him in this series and is pitching lights out to make me eat my words. Wouldn’t be the first time, and I can assure you it won’t be the last. I’m a semi-columnist, for corn’s sake. I make an Olympic event out of being wrong about everything. Maybe I should get into talk radio.

* It looks like the Yankees answered my question in last week’s column about being able to score a bajillion runs off of Royals pitching in the resoundingly affirmative. The Yankees blasted a total of nine home runs in the series, including an inside-the-park job from centerfielder Aaron Hicks on Saturday. Did I miss something, or did Hicks turn into Willie Mays Hayes when I had my back turned? Gleyber Torres made up for Friday’s shoddy defense with a tiebreaking three-run jack of his own. Giancarlo Stanton added a moonshot, both Tyler Austin and Gary Sanchez had two home runs each in this series, and even Austin Romine joined in on the fun. These guys can hit, is what I’m saying.

Look Out For: Will Greg Bird make his return sometime this week? Will the Angels be able to enact a measure of revenge against the Yankees in the Bronx? Will there be more rainouts?

Hey, That’s New!: Hey look, it’s Clint Frazier! I can’t wait to see wha- * Cue loudspeaker* WE REGRET TO INFORM THE READERSHIP THAT CLINT FRAZIER HAS BEEN OPTIONED TO TRIPLE-A SCRANTON WILKES-BARRE. THAT IS ALL.

Rant of the Week: Not to repeat myself, but seriously, MLB needs to invest money into some kind of translucent dome technology, so rainouts can be a thing of the past. We’ve now lost four games this year to weather, and it’s getting absurd and dangerous, like a fist fight with a clown over a bottle of Remy Martin. The Yankees had to spend Wednesday night in the terminal at Dulles Airport in D.C. due to rain, plane engine issues, and booked hotels. I’m pretty sure I just

described two-thirds of the setup to Die Hard 2, but with less John Amos and more grinding misery. The only thing worse than that would have been if the team had to spend the night in a dumpster in downtown Hoboken, New Jersey. Actually, that might be an upgrade.

Meme/GIF of the Week: Curse you, bad weather

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