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14 Days of Mock Draft: #14 Denver Nuggets

Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets have the 14th pick which literally means they are the best team to not make the playoffs. Or how it is coined, The No Mans Land. This is where a team is to bad to not make the playoffs and too good to get the number one pick. Which this hypothetical place is possibly the worse place a franchise could be in, unless you are the Charlotte Bobcats.

Team Needs:

* A true playmaker in the backcourt

* A defensive talent

* Length in backcourt

As the Nuggets do have one of the best young point guards in the NBA in Jamal Murray. He is already a terrific scorer, much like a Devin Booker, but in a point guards body. He excels at shooting off the dribble and that is about all he does, score. His size suggests hes a point guard, yet his play style says he is a shooting guard. He does not average many assists as he only has 2.7 per game in his short two-year career. Denver also does not have much depth at the shooting guard spot. While on roster they have Gary Harris, a solid spot up shooting, yet still undersized. And the spark plug off the bench from Memphis, Will Barton. Gary harris struggles with being small and does not have much consistency. While Barton is expected to get a huge paycheck by some other team this offseason.

With the 14th pick in the 2018 NBA draft, The Denver Nuggets select…

With these needs, I believe the Denver Nuggets will select Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, or what I call him, SGA. Its much faster to type. SGA is a Canda born Kentucky point guard who is 6’6 with a 7’0 wingspan. He adds length and has a solid basketball IQ for a rookie. He shows potential to be a league leader in assists, especially with the scorers around him in Denver. And he has the length to become a first team all defense selection.

Comparison: Shaun Livingston

I know, Livingston is a weird comp for a guy. However Shaun is only one inch taller had a similar play style to Shai, before injuries caught up to him. Even though Livingston was never an elite on ball defender, his smarts made up for it. They both showed great control when driving to the basketball and finishing. Yes, Shaun is known for his mid range jumper and Shai does not have a jumper. This is something that can definitely improve down the road.

Shai does not need to be a number one scoring option on a team, he never will be. He will be a solid playmaker and leader on the next level. Already is one of the best passers in this class and can certainly rack up a ton of assists with a bunch of deadly scorers in the Nuggets offense. Denver could simply let Jamal Murray run more of a shooting guard role and allow Shai to be the primary or secondary ball handler on the team

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