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Bombers’ Run: A weekly guide to the 2018 New York Yankees (Week 11)

Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 Record: 5-2

Season Record: 42-19 (1st in AL East)

Week at a Glance: – Washington Nationals at Yankees (3 Games)

* Tampa Bay Rays at Yankees (4 Games)

Recap it!: So, the Yankees went 5-2 over the last 7 games, which is pretty fine by anyone’s estimation. By that line of logic, you would think that I would have little to complain about in this edition, right? WRONG. Even though the team is looking strong record-wise and is essentially tied in the loss column with the Boston Red Sox for the top spot in the AL East, the team hit a few big bumps in the road this week. *hears whispering* What’s that? “Stop complaining, you spoiled pillock?” NEVER, I SAY. What is it that’s got me fuming? Let’s dive in.

After splitting a doubleheader last Monday with the Detroit Tigers- a series in which right fielder and soul patch enthusiast Giancarlo Stanton got hit by pitcher Mike Fiers, then promptly deposited another offering into the seats during his next at-bat- the Yankees swept a short 2-game set with the positively anemic Toronto Blue Jays The team then took on the Mets (*snickers*), winning 2 of 3 but the series was not without its own set of tribulations. To wit, catcher Gary Sanchez is in the middle of a terrible slump: a 3-for-48 slide in which he’s batting .068 and struck out 17 times. It may be time to drop him in the lineup. It wasn’t all doom and gloom this week as the Yankees duo of hotshot rookies,

third baseman Miguel Andujar and second baseman Gleyber Torres, have performed well as of late, hitting key homers in the series against the Mets. The Yankees have bigger problems to deal with for now, because:

* Starting pitchers Masahiro Tanaka and Jordan Montgomery have both landed on the DL; Tanaka for straining both his hamstrings (Oh, we’ll get to that in just a bit) and Montgomery for needing to visit the only John that’s scarier than John Carpenter: Tommy John. Yes, Jordan Montgomery’s season is over, as he underwent Tommy John surgery to repair a strained ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow. The surgery will sideline him for up to 18 months, leaving a gaping hole in the Yanks’ starting rotation. Anybody have a starter they can spare?

Look Out For: What will happen when the Nats visit Yankee stadium for a rematch? Who will start Thursday against the Rays?

Hey, That’s New!: Guys, I think Dellin Betances heard us all clowning on him and now he’s decided to pitch better to shut us up. He’s now been unscored upon in his last seven appearances, striking out a total of 49 and pitching to a total ERA of 3.54. You know what? Keep clowning on him. THE HATRED ONLY MAKES HIM STRONGER!!!

Rant of the Week: Yankees Twitter lost its’ marbles on Friday during the game against the Mets at Citi Field as Masahiro Tanaka strained both hamstrings running home on a sac fly by right fielder Aaron Judge, immediately causing some Chien-Ming Wang flashbacks in some Yankees faithful (Hey, kids! Remember him? Neither does he). First, a bit of context. Ten years ago, when the Houston Astros were still an NL team, Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang sustained a nasty injury to the Lisfranc joint in his foot as he stepped on home plate, scoring on a double.

The injury effectively ended Wang’s season, and derailed his career to an extent, as he was never really the same pitcher again. Snapping back to the present, the Yankees appear to have dodged a bullet somewhat, as the sprain to Tanaka’s hamstrings is mild. But still, we live in 2018 if you haven’t noticed. To that end, I must ask: WHY IN GOD’S NAME DO PITCHERS STILL HIT??!!? Pitchers are so much different than they were when the game was in its infancy. They throw harder, work out harder, and therefore are much more fragile than they used to be. Within that line of thinking, why oh why are we letting pitchers jeopardize their careers and injure themselves just for the sake of bunting and maybe, JUST MAYBE, hitting a home run once in a blue moon? Now, we can debate the actual effectiveness of the DH, but the only reason I ever hear for letting pitchers hit in the NL is a blabbering cry of “BUT MUH TRADITIONS!!!!!” from older fans, especially on social media. Ssshhh. Nobody tell them it’s not actually 1928. The league is now integrated, hot dogs don’t cost a dime, and the players and owners make enough money to buy and sell you and I twice over! Even Angels’ pitcher Shohei Ohtani, genuine wunderkind he is at hitting and pitching, has hit the DL with a UCL sprain will probably need Tommy John surgery at some point this season. Gee, where have I heard that one before???!!!??

Meme/GIF of the Week:

He strained BOTH hamstrings???!!??!!


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