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Ortiz’s Weekend Special: Picks, picks and more picks

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It’s Friday. Yes, we made it to Friday and while some of us got paid today, we’re all getting paid this weekend. That’s right, Ortiz’s Weekend Special is back. So, without further ado, lets get started.

The loss of quarterback Sam Darnold has shown for USC this year and is likely the reason their 1-2. They will have the homefield in this matchup but their drawing a red-hot Washington State team. Yes, Washington State has played pretty much cupcakes to open the 2018-19 season up but I’m a firm believer in these tune-up games and it will show Friday night.
My pick: Washington State +4.5

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The Philadelphia Eagles get their star quarterback back in Carson Wentz and it’ll be a home game for his return. While this is his first game back, so we should expect some rust, Wentz is a little lucky because he’ll be facing a quarterback who’s still coming back from an injury as well. Andrew Luck, who hurt his shoulder in 2015 is finally back on the field and hasn’t looked too bad this year…but not good enough to win this game. I say buy the .5 point to be safe.
My pick: Eagles -6.5 (Buy the half point though)

This is such a disrespectful spread for the baaaaaaad man that we call Aaron Rodgers. 3 points against the Washington Redskins who I believe are still searching for their identity. Now while I know Adrian Peterson is going to go off; because he always does versus the Packers (Look at AP’s prop bets) it’s still not enough for me to like the Redskins.
My pick: Packers -3

If Joe Mixon was playing I’d probably be crazy in love with the Bengals +3. But instead it’s just a simple head nod in their favor. I think Andy Dalton and this offense have finally found their groove and I think the Carolina Panthers are still looking for theirs. The Bengals are a top three run defense through two games and it’s not a fluke.
My pick: Bengals +3

We saw what the Dallas Cowboys front seven did to the New York Giants’ offensive line last week. Guess what, the Seattle Seahawks’ offensive is not that much better, if at all better. I expect another outstanding performance out of the Cowboys defense and I think the offense should open up more in week 3 for the Cowboys.
My pick: Cowboys +1.5

So now that we have our picks let’s take out our mobile devices and lock in our picks. Ah, the power of technology is beautiful isn’t it? With just a couple clicks on our cellphones we can lock in our winnings…crazy.

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