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Kyrie Irving Hit A Game Winner In The First Celtics Practice & I’m Feeling Things

First practice of the year and Kyrie is already in late June form.

There is so much buzz around the Celtics coming into this season with Gordon Hayward coming back from having his leg shattered in the first five minutes, Kyrie coming back, Tatums second season and Jaylen Brown playing basketball in between running for president and becoming a neurosurgeon. With Lebron out of the East, they’re the clear cut favorites to win the conference. Here’s your first Celtics practice round up:

The real starting five playing together? Hayward dunking off of his injured foot? I’m catching feelings and we haven’t even officially hit cuffing season yet.

Jaylen is the baddest mf’er on the planet next to Smarf. He’s the type of guy that would drop 60 on you in a game and then when while you’re contemplating whether or not you’d like to continue the career of playing basketball crying on the bench, come up to you and ask you how your family is doing. He’s a cold blooded assassin. Smarf invented combat muscles and can guard every position. I’m 100% positive these two fist fought after this.

Yabu is the thiccest and one of the most burly boys in the NBA. Him rolling to the rim and dunking is like watching Bob Ross paint a picture. Imagine trying to stop this man? With that wagon?? Good luck buddy.

*turns Erotic City on with max volume* Erotic City come aliiiiiiiive.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brevard – USA Today Sports

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