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2018-19 College Basketball Coverage

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November 6th. Why does that date sound like it’s important? That’s because it’s the start of the college basketball season and there is absolutely nothing else you have to worry about that day so just sit back and enjoy. Just kidding, in all seriousness, get out and vote. Back to college basketball because here at DYSTNow, we are ready to go with planned coverage each and every week of the season. Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect to see.

Stats of the Weekend
– This will be a weekly column breaking down some of the big games over the weekend by digging into the numbers that made an impact on the outcome of the game. It’ll mainly focus on game statistics with a few statistical oddities thrown in from time to time.

The Relegation and Promotion Watch
– In this column, we’ll highlight the mid-major teams that had big wins during the week and are on the rise, as well as the power conference teams that had bad losses and are on the decline. So fans of Loyola Chicago, Nevada, and BYU may see their teams listed here once as twice this season as well as fans of Pittsburgh, California, and Rutgers. The fans of the latter teams won’t be too thrilled about that.

– This weekly column will get started sometime in January as it does usually here at DYSTNow. Last year, we correctly projected 66 of 68 teams, had the top 6 seed lines projected correctly, and only 4 teams were off by two seed lines. One of the four teams was the UMBC Retrievers who became the first sixteen seed to defeat a one seed in tournament history. We had them as a fourteen seed so seems like the committee go that one wrong, not us.

This is just a portion of our college basketball coverage this year. Make sure you follow us on social media as well as the website to stay up to date on what’s happening this season.

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