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Anthony Davis Seems As Good As Gone

“Of course, I know that in order to win games, a lot of pressure is going to be on me,” Davis told Yahoo Sports while sitting at his locker stall Wednesday night. “If we lose, it’s on me. If we win, they give my team the credit and I’m fine with that.

“A perfect example [was against the Warriors]. I don’t have a good game and we lose. So, I got to play almost perfect every night to give us a chance to win. But my teammates do a great job. Even the games I didn’t play, those guys have been battling night in and night out to get victories. … I don’t try to put too much pressure on myself, but I know it’s there.” – Chris Haynes, Yahoo Sports

Anthony Davis has been the subject of hypothetical trade talks for years now. While the Pelicans have been fine the last couple of years, you get the feeling that Davis and the Pelicans have already reached their ceiling as a team. Davis has been putting up MVP type numbers for a minute now and while, in context, his quote of having to play almost perfect for the Pelicans to have a chance is fine, but it’s sad to see.

Davis is a top five player in the league and no less than a top seven player. He’s shown that he can carry a franchise even in the West. While they’ve gotten blown out by the Warriors in the two playoff appearances Davis has had, the Pelicans seem to play them tough. His contract isn’t up until 2020 but he’s eligible for the super max next summer which would give him a nice chunk of change ($235 million over five years).

It’s been a point that’s been talked about a lot as of recent but in todays sports climate, these guys can sacrifice the money they make on the court because there’s so much money off the court that could be made. I assume if Davis is traded it’ll be to a team of his choosing that can make the pieces work and is also a contender. Giving up the super max would lose him money in the front but on the back end has the potential to net him a lot more money and also a championship.

Has Davis run his course with the Pelicans? I think so. They can’t beat the Warriors now and even if Durant leaves, this iteration can’t make a move to put them over the Durant-less Warriors. They’re in sports purgatory: they’re not good enough to win the whole thing and they’re not bad enough to get a top seven or eight pick. I’m not breaking any news here but I see Davis moved to a market like Los Angeles with the Lakers or Boston with the Celtics or hell, even the Warriors with their new arena and the witchcraft they can pull to somehow make room for him. We need meaningful playoff basketball with Anthony Davis!

Photo Credit: Derek E. Hingle, USA Today Sports 

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