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I Guess I’m A CFL Fan Now?

An absolute unit drinking an absolute unit drink. Coors Banquet? Not my cup of tea. I had it a couple of times in college but it was too much of a mans beer for me. Every one of my friends who drank this had a beard and looked like they could work in a saw mill. This guy was sticking to his Bud Light because it was tasty for me and I drank it at every sporting event I went to.

Anyways this only something an offensive lineman can pull off. Look at this guy. The tattoos. The beard. He probably drives a lifted F-150 with tires as big as my car. No other position could pull this off. No quarterback besides Jared Lorenzon drinks Coors Banquet. A wide receiver or a running back? It has to be a double vodka or no dice.

I need to see this in the NFL. I need Jason Kelce to Stone Cold Steve Austin some beers after Wentz throws a touchdown pass. I need Gronk to crush a beer like a bottle of water and then Gronk Spike it into the ground only to promptly be kicked off the team because it’s not the Patriot Way. This beats any choreographed touchdown celly in the NFL. This beats the Joe Horn cell phone, the TO popcorn and the Chad Johnson Lambeau Leap. It’s just a fact of life now, the CFL > NFL.


P.S. – What an all time name. Jon Gott. I thought it was Jon Gotti up until I looked closely at the caption. This guy will be now only known as Jon Gotti. I’m a firm Ottawa Redblacks fan now.


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