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Alabama is the Best team in College Football, the Rest are Playing for Second

After a weekend where we got to see who the pretenders and true contenders were, the clarity has shown that it is Alabama and everyone else is just playing for second.

In the SEC, LSU put up a good fight in yesterday’s matchup but it was their lack of offense that was the issue.   Alabama has shown the propencity of giving up a big play or two this year, but LSU’s offense is led by a below average quarterback which was their ultimate undoing.   If you take a look at the rest of the SEC, I don’t see another team rising up to overtake Alabama.  The fact that the Tide have a quarterback this year is the single reason they are heads and tails above the rest of College Football.

Taking a look at the Big 12, there is not one team in the conference that has a defense good enough to stop Alabama and although the offenses in the conference are high flying, that is as much a result of the poor defense played in the conference than the offense being great.   West Virginia has an opportunity to win the conference title, but because of the loss they sustained early in the season, I am not convinced they make the final four even if they win out.

The Big Ten has Michigan that is in my mind the best team in the conference, although they have an offense that comes and goes.   I think their offense is getting better week over week, but I am not sure it scores enough to win in a National Championship game.  They do though, have what I think is the second best defense in the country.  I just don’t see anyone else in the conference that looks good enough to beat Michigan.  All the Wolverines have to do is beat their arch rival Buckeyes and I believe the stage is set for them to make the final four.

The PAC 10/12 has a handful of teams in the top 25 but I do not believe any of them are good enough to break into the final four.  Especially knowing that a 15th ranked Utah team is probably playing as good or better than anyone in the conference.

The ACC has one team worthy of the final four and they will in fact get there as they are getting better each week.  They have a strong defense and the offense can score at will.   They dropped 77 on Louisville yesterday and probably could have scored more.  Although the Cardinals are not very good this year, they still have good football players in that program and are not that far removed from being a top 25 team.  The rest of the conference is a good deal like the PAC 10 as far as depth and talent.  A lot of teams in the middle but not really contenders at a high level.

Clemson is the 2nd best team in the country, and in any other year would be the best team in country.

Notre Dame is another team that is streaking towards the final four but has not been all that impressive in their wins in recent weeks.  Their young quarterback is getting better for sure, though he is really only showing that improvement in the second half of games.   The last two weeks it took late drives to win a Home Game over Pitt and a road game over Northwestern.  I believe they will be in the final four although they do have a tougher test against Syracuse coming up.

Then there are those still clamoring for UCF to be in the final four.  The fans and even some media are talking about being undefeated last year and being so this year thus far.   But they have not played a contender this season.  Unfortunately for them they needed to beat every team on their schedule badly and they just have not done that, which includes Temple laying 40 points on them this past weekend and giving them everything they could handle all the way into the late 4th quarter.  If you take deep dive into their season, their not nearly as good as they were last year in general.   It’s an incredible accomplishment to do what they are doing…. but not worthy of a final four appearance.

And for those saying “but they have not won since 2016”, I don’t care and nearly should the voters.   Get over it!

Your Final four teams in my opinion will be….



Notre Dame






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