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Ex-Arizona Assistant Basketball Coach Sentenced to Prison for Bribery

Credit: Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star 2017

It actually blows my mind that there hasn’t been more coverage on this story so I really want to bring this to light. Adam Zagoria has reported that Emanuel “Book” Richardson has been convicted and sentenced to three months in prison and two years of supervised release for the role that he played in the bribery case. If you aren’t familiar with this case or haven’t been following along with it I honestly can’t really blame you. Mainstream news sites haven’t been running the stories because people don’t recognize who it is. If this was Arizona basketball head coach, Sean Miller, the media would eat this stuff up.

For those not up to date let’s refresh your memories, Richardson was one of ten individuals arrested back in 2017 after a federal investigation took place looking into alleged corruption accusations. Richardson has been accused of trying to steer recruits toward signing with Arizona with financial compensation as well as taking significant amounts of money in the form of bribes himself.

There is a report going around that Richardson had spoken with Christian Dawkins about Sean Miller paying up to $100,000 to ensure the signature of at the time, star recruit, Deandre Ayton. Sean Miller would only miss one game at the time of the release of the report but would make his return shortly after. Miller read a prepared statement prior to his return saying

“I have never knowingly violated NCAA rules while serving as head coach of this great program. I have never paid a recruit or prospect or their family or representative to come to Arizona. I never have and I never will”.

Right. You’re trying to tell me that Miller had no idea what his assistant coach, Richardson, was doing? I don’t buy it and neither should you. Book Richardson is not the only guilty party here at Arizona, but he will ultimately take the downfall for it. Sean Miller is still living his best life taking in his millions of dollars and remains the head coach of the Wildcats program. The fact Richardson is going to serve actual time for this is terrible.

It’s despicable. I can absolutely guarantee Arizona aren’t the only school bribing players to come to play for them or trying to influence them to sign with such and such agent.  They’re just one of the schools that got caught. Arizona as a program should face significant penalties for this. If the NCAA fails to put their foot down to stop this kind of thing from happening, what little integrity the organization still has left will surely be lost. People should be upset, this kind of story should be making waves on national television, and on debate shows but it’s not. It’s really hard to fathom.

I’ll leave you with this.

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