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Summer on Fire!

The new NBA champion Toronto Raptors. And yes, unfortunately, the NBA season is over until October. NBA Draft will be held on June 20 and after that lovely trade rumors (WOJ BOMB) is coming. What the one thing you’d do as GM? Trade, draft, free agent…  

(These predictions are based on possible salary cap and the predictions were tried to be made realistic.)

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks exciting. After all star, they got momentum and completed the regular season with good performance. Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter  have a incredible potential, also they’re playing with a rookie contract. So, what do they have to do get better?

Draft Picks

8# Coby White

10# Brandon Clarke

17# Tyler Herro

35# Chuma Okeke

41# Eric Paschall

42# Jaylen Nowell

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

I think their draft pick is good for Atlanta but it’s hard for them to bring stars in the summer. If they can get a average star to help round out the lineup/bench that would be most important and this star should be Tobias Harris. Harris is a player with almost every offensive weapon and the experience he had in the last season could be useful for Hawks.

Boston Celtics

Oh, no, honey… Probably, Kyrie Irving will leave the team. Probably, Anthony Davis won’t come to Boston. And a season with disappointment is over. Boston can’t be better with just draft or just one. right. Anyway, it’s worth trying anyway.

Draft Picks

14# PJ Washington

20# Kevin Porter Jr.

22# Romeo Langford

51# Kyle Guy

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Given the absence of Kyrie Irving, adding to the guard rotation should be a priority. Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart good players but not good enough. So, Boston get all around guard; like Kemba Walker. Of course just Walker not enough but nice first step. Also, Boston try to trade Gordon Hayward. Of course he is a good player, but his problem of self-confidence is obvious. It might be a good idea to trade Hayward and get combo forward!

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets is fire. Really. They are have good young core and Kenny Atkinson. They became one of the most sympathetic teams of last season. In addition, the games that share geometry in the field brought a separate color.

Draft Picks

27# Luka Samanic

31# Cameron Johnson

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Very simple: don’t sign with D’angelo Russell, who will be released between summer and summer. Bring, Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn. If this happens… That would be an incredible move. At the Eastern Conference, they can go to the conference finals. LeVert, Allen, Dinwiddie. Brooklyn Nets is on fire.

Charlotte Hornets

Hmm. Charlotte Hornets. I think they are perform to expectations. But ıf we’re talking about the goal of making playoffs, then no, but record wise the team basically met expectations. Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Frank Kaminsky, Marvin Williams… How accurate is it to expect them to play with these players? If they want to do playoff need many many rotation players.

Draft Picks

12# Cam Reddish

36# KZ Okpala

52# Naz Reid

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Re-sign with Kemba Walker. Really. If Charlotte wants to be a strong franchise team, has to hire Walker. In addition, players who will add depth to the bench (Mirotic, Randle, Lopez, Redick, etc.) must be included in the squad. And please, don’t sign with Gilchrist.

Chicago Bulls

Of course, Bulls fan expectations are much higher than last season. Coaching problem with Jim Boylen and Fred Hoiberg, give to big damage but the biggest problem was injuries. Zach Lavine play better; he hanged since Butler trade. He start to playing for his team not for his stats. His defense are improving since Boylen era. But he is never be full healthy.

Draft Picks

7# Jaxson Hayes

38# Darius Bazley

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

I think the important thing here is to build a good structure rather than a star player. Get better assistant coaches around Boylen, sign good guard rotation players (ex: Patrick Beverley), and stay HEALTHY. And new starting five: Beverley or any guard, Lavine, Porter, Markkanen, Carter Jr. Also sign couple veterans, like Vince Carter.

Cleveland Cavaliers

I’m really excited for them. New coach John Beilien and his basketball genius, that’s why I’m excited. John Beilein’s harmony with young people from NCAA’s career is ideal for the current Cavs squad. Potential young people like Cedi Osman, Colin Sexton, Ante Zizic, Davin Nwaba and Larry Nance will be great in the Beilein system. And in draft 5. the right to elect is another element that increases the excitement.

Draft Picks

5# Jarrett Culver

26# Keldon Johnson

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

In addition to the young staff we just said, there is an experienced star like Kevin Love. Instead of bringing in a star player, it may be more accurate to agree with the names that are low-risk and will adapt to the team in the short term. John Beilein’s zone offensive to match a striker and a guard who makes a pure scorer.

Dallas Mavericks

Two words will suffice to define Dallas Mavericks: the future, the potential. Luka Doncic, who coordinates everything in team; Krisatps Porzingis, the all around center. After a decent first half, organisation recognised that they had a proper franchise cornerstone to build around. With that they geared up to to free cap space and build a contender around Luka. Now they have to get a player that fit in Luka and KP’s timeline.

Draft Pick

37# Isaiah Roby

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

The harmony between Doncic and Porzingis will be decisive for the Mavs. Having said that, they can definitely enter the win-now mode. If they add another max player, they would contend for a high seed in western conference. And this max player should be Nikola Vucevic. Vucevic and Porzingis seem likely to create a spacing problem, but having dangerously painted field players with the threat of external shooting can bring a great advantage. Of course, joining these two players with a great pass player  Luka Doncic will make things a little easier.

Denver Nuggets

It’s been an epic season for Mile High City. Nikola Jokic turned into a super star, the shooting effect of the Jamaal Murray&Gary Harris duo, ‘’The Genius’’ sets of coach Mike Malone and chemistry in the team. Denver, 18/19 a long-time NBA leader, they have shown that he will be one of the strongest candidates in the championship. The Nuggets’ continuity was one of the main reasons why they had a breakout season. Denver returned most of its roster from last year and that familiarity really allowed the Nuggets to overcome a lot of the injuries that hit them early on this season. Also, a big improvement defensively. The Nuggets upped their effort level on that end of the floor and turned in a top-10 defense after three years of fielding one of the worst defenses in the league. So what should be done for more?

Draft Pick

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Sign with Jimmy Butler. Denver has a staff with high potential. The shining star in this squad is Nikola Jokic. But there are things that Jokic can do and can’t do. Jimmy Butler is definitely the best way to cover the negative side of things Jokic can’t do.

Detroit Pistons

The team somewhat exceeded my expectations, then again, they now have a much better coach who got screwed over, but it’s fine, they made the playoffs. They held on throughout the season to make playoffs and exceed expectations. The goalof the season was making the playoffs. The only real lowlight of the season would be losing in the first round, even though that was expected. Pretty much the whole team impressed me. But Pistons do something on Summer!

Draft Picks

15# Nassir Little

45# Moses Brown

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

It’s hard to say who is a good target here because the market is uncertain. Contracts for mid to lower tier guys got depressed the last couple of years because no one had cap space, but now a lot of the terrible contracts signed after the huge spike are coming off the books so a lot of teams will have space. So while I’d like to think the Pistons could be in contention for guys like Jeremy Lamb or Terrence Ross or Aminu it’s entirely possible that they just don’t have the money. I know, it is not shining but better than nothing

Golden State Warriors

And the hardest part. Golden State, who lost the final against Toronto, suffered two more important losses. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Durant returned to the team in the fifth match of the series, but suffered an unfortunate injury and closed next season. Klay Thompson was injured by ACL in the last match of the series. I think that the information I try to convey in this short paragraph will have a much deeper effect in the summer months. The Golden State dynasty is down. The career of KD, which will be released during the summer, has been compromised. Klay Thompson is going to be treated for a long time.

Draft Picks

27# Matisse Thybulle

58# Tacko Fall

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Until a few days ago, the answer to this question was very simple: If Kevin Durant goes, fill in his place with an average star. Make bench booster moves if KD remains, but now things have turned into straw. Aside from the question marks about Kevin Durant, return of Klay Thompson is also a big question. If both players have long-term disability: signed with Jimmy Butler, try. After that, Tobias Harris, try to negotiate with a forward. In summer to the Golden State Warrios, it will be very, very critical.

Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets must definitely strengthen their rster. In the last two seasons, they’re stuck in the Golden State, because of the players quality is not enough. If they want stable success in the regular season, and then they want to go smoothly through the playoffs, they have to add depth to their squad.

Draft Picks

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Chris Paul should be traded. Of course, if possible. One of the best packages for Chris Paul, I think, Mike Conley. Memphis has a very low chance of approving this exchange, but it can be tried. If I have to say something more realistic, sign with Bojan Bogdanovic and Marcus Morris. One elite shooter and one all around forward. That’s all the moves. God save James Harden, try to trade CP3, get the forward and shooter.

Indiana Pacers

Last year’s surprise package had a productive summer, with Doug McDermott and Tyreke Evans both joining Victor Oladipo’s supporting cast, give more power to Indiana Pacers. Despite Oladipo’s injury, Team Chemistry and extra performances carried Pacers to playoff. To raise the bar a little more than lsat year; just Oladipo or a few extra performances will not be enough.

Draft Picks

18# Goga Bitadze

50# Jalen McDaniels

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Try signing with Bojan again. Make average star moves like Terrence Ross. But if you have one chance, please make an offer for D’angelo Russell. Sabonis, Turner, Oladipo, Goga… This is really good  potential; please use it.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers should be commended for shedding most of their problematic contracts over the past few seasons and they should also use this philosophy in take players. After Tobias Harris left last season, the team was expected to lose momentum, but the team take momentum. Shai, Shamet, Gallinari, Harrell and genius coaching from Doc Rivers. THANKS, Steve Ballmer.

Draft Picks

48# Iggy Brazdeikis

56# Lindell Wigginton

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Kawhi Leonard is now King of the North. But it wouldn’t surprise him to play in a different place next year. This different place, probably Los Angeles Clippers and Clippers must make that move. Adding the biggest star of the league to the young and potential roster in their hands will bring positive results both in the short term and in the long term.

Los Angeles Lakers – New Orleans Pelicans



LA Lakers: Anthony Davis

New Orleans Pelicans: Lakers pick 4#, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, three first round pick.

And Anthony Davis, In Lakers! The long-running story ended with a happy ending. Lakers trade important young people to Pelicans for Davis.

LA Lakers Draft Picks

New Orleans Draft Picks

1# Of course Zion Williamson

4# De’Andre Hunter

57# Jalen Lecque

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

LA Lakers has to buy another star player in the summer to make a profit on this exchange. Of course, it’s amazing that two superstars like Anthony Davis and LeBron James are on the same team, but current team has lost its depth. Kemba Walker. Sign with Walker. To be realistic, Kyrie Irving is a little hard come to Lakers, and Jimmy Butler can have a little trouble with chemistry. Walker, man. Walker can make a good move on this team.

New Orleans Pelicans, the strongest League Pass team. Lonzo-jure-Ingram-Zion-Randle. Dude, that’s incredible. By selecting the fourth De’andre Hunter, the painted area can be removed. Take sharp shooter and old-school center in free agent. And last words: DAVID GRIFFIN is really GENIUS.

Memphis Grizzlies

My goal for the Grizzlies was to convey their 1st round pick this year that they owe to Boston. Obviously that didn’t happen, but it worked out almost as well as it could have for Memphis. Now they have #2 overall, jumping 6 slots in the NBA Draft Lottery and staring at a likely Ja Morant future. This changes the goals a bit – now conveying isn’t as important as building around two cornerstone types in Ja and Jaren Jackson Jr. Would it be nice to send the 1st to the Celtics before it becomes unprotected in 2021? Yes. But if they don’t that means they’d likely have another  top-5 pick to build around… There are worse things to deal with.

Draft Picks

2# Ja Morant

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

It s time to move on from Mike, and I think Mike is ready to move on from the Grizzlies (seeing Marc Gasol in the NBA Finals is probably bittersweet.) The baseline for any Conley trade should be a future 1st round pick and a young player. Memphis should be willing to take on “bad money” if it helps secure both of those things. So, Memphis should listen trade offers and choose the best.

Miami Heat

Miami had so many to (2018-2019 season) young guys, they didn’t get much time actually playing together in a solid rotation. Winslow has potential at guard, and Jason Richardson is a good off ball shooter and defender, looks like a mini Dwight with better shooting. As in previous seasons, Eric Spoelstra’s good coaching gave Miami an average season.

Draft Pick

14# Rui Hachimura

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

This team could make the leap to playoff success with a strong forward as that’s our most lacking position. Tobias Harris or Khris Middleton and Jaylen Brown or Buddy Hield is perfect for Miami Heat.

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwuakee Bucks, one of the most impressive teams of this season, deserves admiration. Coach Budenholzer, Greek Freak and -turn into elite shooter-  Brook Lopez. Bucks, who amazes us with impressive pace&space games for the most part of the regular season, they experienced the feeling of losing in the first place that they should have in every championship.

Draft Pick

30# Ty Jerome

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Milwaukee could use a solid 3-and-D guy to bolster their lineup. First they are re sign with Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez. After all of this, they must make moves to strength the bench (Caris Lever, Rodney Hood,etc.)

Minnesota Timberwolves

Pretty much everything is terrible right now.They reallly need to work some trade/cap if they want to even sniff a good outlook for the future.They’re hamstrung with bad contracts, a mediocre and aging roster, a team that doesn’t play 21st century basketball or defence and the fact that the only source of hope on the team could easily leave due to our continued mismanagement and mediocrity. Current roster they have, when healthy, is ok enough to make the playoffs. Probably can’t get past the first round or get higher than a 7th or 8th seed, but it’s still possible to make playoffs but they are just going to first tour, not semi-final.

Draft Picks

11# Bol Bol

43# Lous King

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

The coach, Ryan Saunders. Not sure how he will go, I obviously want him to suceed just don’t know whether he has the basketball brains yet to beat other coaches. He has the player relations side figured out. After coach problem please get rid of Andrew Wiggins. Based on their contract timing, I think the time when Minny can finally make real moves is in Wiggins final contract year. 2023 offseason, and possibly make a serious run with Prime, 27 year old KAT as the centerpiece in 2023-24. Until then they just need to hit on their picks in the 13-19 range, keep building up some talent from within, and hope everything can line up with a real run in 2023-24, KAT’s final extension year. So, Wolves issue very complicated…

New York Knicks

Hezonja stepping over Giannis, Hezonja blocking Lebron, Point Hezonja. All of Mitchell Robinson’s 3-pt blocks. and Knicks winning on Fizdale’s return to Memphis. The best moments of the season for the New York Knicks. NY Knicks, who rely on the possibility of making the first two ordinary choices in draft but will make the third, focus on free agents.

Draft Picks

3# RJ Barrett

55# Sagaba Konate

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

If they strike out in free agent, more worried about just how well develop NYK youth; Knicks have never had a good track record of that. But if they  land KD and Kyrie (which in my opinion, I think won’t) the drama and coverage will be next level. KD and Kyrie are already a bit much, but the AD trade saga will pile on top, then add James Dolan to the mix, and then put it in the biggest media market in the NBA.  So; They should take stars from the FA and develop their youth and set the right rotation with a few average (Hield, Ross, Bojan etc) players.

Oklahoma City Thunder


Oklahoma, the biggest disappointment of the season, stood out with the defense strategy. However, at the end of the season, attack plans were disrupted and the spell of defense was lost. Russell Westbrook’s start as a sharing leader was good, but later he is dedication to individual performance disrupted the chemistry. On top of all this, Paul George had a deformity on his shoulder and he couldn’t get back as he wanted.  That every negative element came together and be dissapointment…

Draft Picks

21# Talen Horton Tucker

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Trade Russel Westbrook. Pls.

Orlando Magic

Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier had career years. Nikola Vucevic found a 3-point stroke. Some low-end signings like Khem Birch and Jonathon Simmons panned out to be decent role players. This three things that went well for the Magic. Compared to the quality of the roster is a good regular season and then playoff but injury to two stars like Gordon and Fournier prevented things from getting better.

Draft Picks

16# Nickeil Alexande Walker

46# Miye Oni

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Question one: should Nikola Vucevic be re-signed? I think yes. Vucevic can create spacing to Orlando with the shot style he developed this season. In this direction, the other center player with explosive features such as Aaron Gordon goes to the pot more easily. Also he helps shooeter/guard players for spacing. And that’s enough? Nope. Three and defense players –ex: Trevor Ariza- and Khris Middleton explosive scorer –ex:Khris Middleton-must be included in the squad.

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers’ exciting young core and favourable cap situation but this is not enough. After a good regular season, the playoff PROCESS that they pulled up a little bit more performance is behind. Philly were eleminated in an epic way against Toronto Raptors, and started thinking about next year. Jo Jo and Simmons (Mr. Not Three Point) they’il be stay on the team, but Harris and Butler will be free agents. As well as free agent players, Philly has a great selection of options for the draft.

Draft Picks

24# Carsen Edwards

33# Mfiondu Kabengele

34# Jontay Porter

44# Admiral Schofield

54# Zach Norvell

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

First of all; lovely Philly, please draft Carsen Edwards… Philadelphia has good roster but they are biggest problem is point guard. They need a player with a point guard, and Edwards can solve this problem. He is pure scorer. Besides, contracts to be made or not to be made with Butler and Harris will determine the fate of the team. I think it should be re-signed with both. Because the chemistry that the team is really good. A healthy Joel Embiid will mean a better season for Philly. And extra perfomance by draft players will mean a better season for Philly.

Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton, Josh Jackson, and T.J. Warren are laden with potential, but Suns hasn’t basketball culture. Last season, the experiment with coach Igor gave negative results. Last week, Monty Williams became the team’s new coach. However, coach changes is not enough if the front office does not make logical moves, things can not get in the way.

Draft Picks

6# Darius Garland

32# Nicolas Claxton

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Trade for Mike Conley. Phoenix Suns has a good roster, but they have big problems in point guard. It’s clear Memphis wants to trade Conley. Sixth pick for Conley. I think it would be wise for Memphis to accept this offer.

Portland Trail Blazers

Two words to summarize the season left behind for Portland: A fairy tale. In the Western Conference Finals, despite their 4-0 defeat against the Golden State, their performance was impressive. Portland, who forward 15 points in three matches in the series, was unable to overcome the lack of roster quality.

Draft Picks

25# Bruno Fernando

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Al Faroug Aminu, Rodney Hood, Seth Curry and Enes Kanter will be free agent. All four players, except Layman, are important parts of the squad. However, there will be a shortage of salaries if these names are re-sign. Aminu and Enes duo may be more reasonable if they stay on the team, in addition to signing with Marcus Morris.

Sacramento Kings

They had some young potential. When the season started, there was only one question Kings fans were hoping to answer: Are any of these young players worth building around? Miraculously, not one, but three players emerged as solid building blocks for a playoff team. The Kings have three “oh yes” players who can make you involuntarily swear at your TV in awe of something they did: Buddy Hield, De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley.

Draft Picks

40# Joshua Obiesie

47# Deividas Sirvydis

60# Jared Harper

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Sacramento need wing depth, with some secondary needs at back-up PG and stopgap C. What they lack are major assets outside a max contract slot, so don’t be too excited for major shifts. Maybe DeMarcus Cousins can go back to the team. A contract can be signed with Goran Dragic or Terry Rozier for point guard. But PLEASE, Harrison Barnes don’t stay Sacramento.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs’ future absolutely looks bright, beautiful even without Kawhi  ‘’Final’s MVP’’ Leonard. Spurs with limited player quality compared to the strong roster of the Western Conference, Gregg Popovich’s genius plan made Spurs stay at playoff. Popovich, who uses the “player according to the system”  philosophy instead of the”system according to the player”philosophy, it worked again.

Draft Picks

19# Grant Williams

29# Dylan Windler

49# Luguents Dort

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Bojan Bogdanovic and D’angelo Russell, who are likely to improve his performance in the Gregg Popovich system, must be signed.


And next up is the new NBA champion. Toronto, each of which is a team of separate special stories, has had a really great season. They are won NBA!

Draft Picks

59# Brian Bowen

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

Mr. Ujiri, who is an expert on GM, please keep Kawhi Leonard on the Toronto. Extend the contrat  with Pascal Siakam. Sign Corey Joseph and Kenneth Faried as a free agent. Thank you!

Utah Jazz

A little good, a little bad. It’s time to open a new page for Utah, leaving behind a mixed season in all respects. Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, who also developed himself on the offensive, gave good signals for the next season. Ricky Rubio will be free agent and ı think not re-sign with him. It’s time to create a different culture in the team.

Draft Picks

#23 Jontay Porter

#53 Daniel Gafford

 If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

First, it should not be re-signed with Ricky Rubio. If Patrick Beverley can be persuaded, he must be come to the Utah. The other; a minor improvement, but an improvement nonetheless, this move will see players trade one of their five contracted small forwards to acquire much-needed depth at the four, trade Derrick Favors and take Maurice Harkless&Zach Collins.

Washington Wizards


John Wall: Looked out of shape, but still productive before he got injured. I’m not sure he will be the same after the second injury, but time will tell, hopefully he will be healthy again.

Bradyle Beal: This guy is so underrated, it’s not even funny. Dude did the best he could to carry this woeful team. He deserved to be on All-NBA this year and I’m so glad he is on this roster. But ı think he can’t stay Wizards.

Scott Brooks: I’m done with this guy. He can’t really coach, doesn’t really emphasize defense and made a lot of questionable rotations throughout the year. Please fire him.

Draft Pick

9# Sekou Doumbouya

If they have only one chance in the summer, how should they use it?

It may be more appropriate to raise the development that will affect these moves rather than the moves that have to be made.

I’m in the minor who haven’t given up on Wall even though he might not play next season too. He is gonna bounce back with a vengeance. Be mature nicely into an All NBA caliber guard last season and can garner them valuable trade pieces if they choose to move himIf Dwight can come back healthy and contribute and they find a consistent FO who can make solid additions, they can certainly come out of the East and make some noise.

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