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Five Free Agents That Will Shift Free Agency This Year

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Now the draft has come and gone, there is no organization other than the summer league. The best thing that fills this gap is free agent MADNESS. We will look at which team the players of the free agent, who have the potential to determine the fate of the NBA, should sign with.

5. Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is not a hyper star. He doesn’t have the potential to carry the team alone. However, he has a great complement feature. Being selected an All-NBA player this last season qualified Walker for a Super Max extension in Charlotte Hornets, to the tune of 5 years, $221M. Should he sign again?If he wants to compete for the NBA championship, he has to leave Charlotte. Because the team has to spend a long period of renewal, and this period can be frustrating for Walker. He’s a all around playmaker and this feature is incredibly important for some teams.

If he signs up with the New York Knicks, he doesn’t fit our “fate” theme, but other NYK moves can change things. The most the Knicks or other prospective teams are able to offer Walker is a 4 year, $140M contract, a difference of $81M guaranteed. Depending on the other moves, signing with Knicks may not be bad for Walker. But if he wants to speed up the process, he has to sign with LA Lakers. Anthony Davis and LeBron James need the smart defender, stable shooter and good assists in Walker. That’s why Walker’s signing with Lakers can change the NBA race for the next season.

4. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler performed interesting performances last season. He couldn’t make the desired contribution immediately after he had traded to Philly. However, as the playoff process approached, he raised the gear a little more. He became the team leader and the biggest star in the court.

Jimmy Butler appears to be the “Plan B” option for many teams this summer. LA Clippers, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets… So what should he do? He must sign with LA Clippers, who is uncertain whether he can add Kawhi Leonard to his roster. Butler’s style of play seems a strong fit for Doc Rivers’ system, and his addition puts the Clippers in serious contention in the West.

Jimmy Butler, Landry Shamet, Shai Gilgeous Alexander, Lou Williams and Montreal Harrell can achieve a great harmony with. This roster that can defend every position and which is unlimited in offense… Amazing

3. Kyrie Irving

Again. Kyrie and Free Agent. Integral binary. While teams like the Knicks, Nets, & maybe even the Celtics will be trying to sign Kyrie Irving. So what should he do? Should he go to Lakers and hide behind two hyper stars? Sign with Boston… anyway. Should he sign with the New York Knicks and create a problem? No. No. No. Please Kyrie, sign with Brookly Nets.

Don’t let Nets sign it with D’angelo. Let’s add Kyrie Irving to a great potential like Dinwiddie, Allen, LeVert and Jefferson. Even though his leadership is a problem, he can improvement the potential of Nets with his special abilities. Under Kenny Atkinson’s coaching, Nets may also aspire to the top four in the Eastern Conference environment.

2. Kevin Durant & Klay Thompson

IT’S VERY COMPLICATED. Kevin Durant can’t play next season. It is unclear how the years following his career will be affected by this injury. Klay Thompson side is a little more positive. He’s expected to return to the team by the end of next season. But his disability will affect his career and these two players are free agents. What will GSW do with these two players? The answer to this question can affect the next 10 years, really.

There’s been much made about the Warriors extending Durant with the mindset of trading him in the near future (2020 deadline or summer). This delayed sign-and-trade would be great to the Warriors, but it’s a big risk for Durant. Because KD has only been a Warrior for three seasons, he isn’t eligible to negotiate a no-trade-clause into a deal this summer.

Klay’s decision might be a little easier, as it just seems a given that he and the Golden State are sticking together for the foreseeable future. The only question comes in just how high Golden State is willing to go financially. Klay Thompson’s max contract to remain with the Warriors is a five year, $190M deal that includes a $32.7M salary in 2019-2020. If we’re assuming all of the above here, that means Curry, Thompson, Green, Iguodala, & Durant will combine for $146.8M of 2019-20 salary cap, and Durant&Thompson likely won’t be available at all season…

  1. Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard is now the best player in the world. It’s really amazing. But there’s a problem, Kawhi free agent. Should he leave Toronto? Should he leave a city where he’s a hero and go to another city? NO.

There’s something to be said about Kawhi. With eight years of experience, Kawhi’s max deal stems from 30% of the NBA cap. In two years, those figure will soar to 35% of the league cap. Until then, it makes sense for Kawhi Leonard to lock in a two year, max contract worth $68M to remain with the Raptors, and then reset his future thereafter.

This re-sign for Toronto, who already has a great roster, will be awesome. Keep the team, get some more and become the NBA’s new dynasty. Of course, try to cross Davis&LeBron duo!

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