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Betting 101: Everything you need to know about betting and more

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In the betting industry there is a glossary of terms to know and learn. I’m going to highlight the main types of bets and wager types in this article. As another added bonus, I’ll also be providing updated bets in this article throughout this week and into next week as well. So continue to check back for updated picks.

Single Bet: A bet/wager made solely by itself. Now while that seems pretty simple, a single bet can be several different things. It could be a wager placed with a spread for example Lakers -5 points. Meaning, the Lakers would have to win that game by 5 points or more for you to win the bet. Now what if they win by 5 you say? That would qualify as a push, which in other words is a tie. On some betting sites they do grant a push as a win, however, most sites grant pushes as a tie and give you the money that you placed on that wager back.

Another type of single bet, would be a money line bet. This type of bet is very simple; the team you pick just needs to win. The odds are adjusted now. For example that pick of Lakers -5, would give you less of a return for betting the Lakers money line.

Example of single bet: (7/31/19) Houston Astros ML, Chicago White Sox +1.5 runs and Oakland A’s first 5 innings -1/2 run.

In-game wagering, Also known as live betting: A service offered by certain sportsbooks in which bettors can place bets in real time, as the game is occurring.

Example of In-game wager bet: Follow me on twitter @OrtizDYST

Over/Under: This type of bet is made based on the total of points/runs combined by both teams in a single game. For example the NFL’s regular season opening game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears is set for 46 points.

Example of an over/under bet: (7/31/19) Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox over 11 runs

Second half bet: Generally these types of wagers only occur in basketball and football and can be placed between the end of the first half right up until the start of the second half. Yes, halftime can now be fun again. There are also usually spreads, over/unders and money line bets available as well.

Example of a second half bet: Follow me on twitter @OrtizDYST

Parlay: A bet in which multiple teams are selected, either against the spread, an over/under or on the money line. For the bet to win (or pay out), all of them must cover/win. The more teams you bet, the greater the odds are. Shoppers like this one at SBD will help calculate parlay payouts across a number of leagues for the day’s games, while also comparing odds offered at various sites.

Example of a Parlay: (7/29/19) Parlay: Parlay all plays below.

Teaser: The evil/friendly brother of the Parlay. A teaser, which is very similar to a parlay doesn’t allow money line bets/selections, however allows adjusted spreads. It depends on the book, but most allow several options that all benefit the bettor. For example a team that may be getting 5 points, may get 10 points on a teaser.

Example of a Teaser: None for today

Prop Bet: A special type of bet that can either involve players or teams. For example in this year’s NBA Finals you could bet Steph Curry over/under 32 points. And as mentioned above if Curry were to score over 32 and you selected that, then you would win the bet.

Example of a Prop Bet: None today

Future Bet: This is a long-term bet that typically features either a team’s season win total or for a team to win a Championship.

Example of a Future Bet: Los Angeles Lakers to win NBA Championship (+450)

7/31/19 Plays:
Houston Astros ML
Tampa Bay Rays/Boston Red Sox over 11 runs
Chicago White Sox +1.5 runs
Oakland A’s first 5 innings -1/2 run


Parlay all three plays above.

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