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New Underrated Star: Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Nickeil Alexander-Walker is the cousin of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who was chosen 11th in the 2018 NBA Draft and left behind a good rookie season. Who is the Nickeil Alexander Walker?

The 2016 FIBA ​​U18 American Championships, averaging 17.4 points, showing an impressive performance beyond the numbers, Walker shed light on the 2019 Summer League. Let’s take a look at the strengths and weakness of Walker’s game.

Date of Birth: September 2, 1998
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Team: New Orleans Pelicans
Draft: Drafti of 2019 was ranked 17th place.
College: Virginia Tech
Position: Shooting Guard
Offensive Role: Play the set as the second playmaker of the team or become a point shooter
Defense Role: Hard, one-on-one defender.
His Best Work: Preparing a position for himself using the wing opening
Things to Develop: Contact offense and switch defense.


With a height of 1,98 and a wingspan of 2.09, it is a great advantage to be a guard player. Most rookies have physical problems, but Walker is an ideal NBA player, especially with the muscle mass in the upper part of his body. He has gained about 11 pounds of muscle since 2016 NCAA Elite 24.

This physics automatically makes Alexander-Walker’s penetration, pick & roll and drive properties valuable, but you can also see how good your basketball mind is. The side p&r depends on what the player will do, but after taking the screen, Walker goes opposite the screen direction and then changes the direction again to finish the position. So using the screen, the opponent is stunned by defensive rotation.

It has very very good shoot mechanics. Throughout his college career, the young player had a hit rate of 116 to 38.3% in 303, both a fixed and a moving shooter. After taking two screens in the famous elevator sets, he goes to the right or left wings and waits for the ball to come to him. The triple hit rate in these sets is 43.3%, a good percentage. On the other type, it uses the advantage of wide wingspan when preparing a shot. He puts his feet two steps ahead of the shooting position and pulls his body back and to the right to create the ideal shooting angle. Making all these adjustments in 4-5 seconds, he pulls the ball out of his hand and shoots the right shot.

The game combines your mind with great ball domination. If it is a fictional offense, it provides an advantage to the team with its rust distributions and picks. In the case of transition attacks or creative situations, it also provides an advantage to the team with its change of direction, rust sent from different angles and finger sensitivity.

It’s hard to see you go to the ladle in a glorious way; on the contrary, it creates a turnstile position by taking its steps in a very calm and elegant way. If he has been subjected to double compression, he can prepare the position for his friend in the painted area.

Walker’s wingspan works a lot on the offensive, but it is as effective in defense. Guard and long striker positions that can defend positions 1-3.


The physique has the advantage, yes, but the legs are too thin. If he wants to be an elite NBA player, he has to improve his body a little more. Of course, some of us may think that this development is not mandatory by suggesting the leg slimness of Michael Jordan, but the tempo in 2019 has increased 3.1-fold compared to the pace of the 1990s. Especially the physical development of young star candidates is much more important.

He doesn’t like to get in touch much. In his strengths, we said that he didn’t wear it in the glory and simply went to the tourniquet. This is a strong side but also a weak side because the NBA shorts are usually stopped by fouls. And Nickeil Alexander-Walker used an average of 3.7 free throws last season. A very low percentage by NBA standards.

He needs to improve his dripling skills. Ball dominance and passability are dazzling, but for dribbling penetrating penetrations and bottom games it is now inadequate.

The three-point and mid-range shots are clean, but they have to expand the position to make more space, so the top and right wing should move their stability to the every position

He must be in contact with his teammates on the offensive as well as on defense. We’ve seen him deliver unnecessary bilateral help in some matches in his college career, or leave his man empty. If these problems persist in the NBA, their duration and role will be limited.

2018/2019 Stats

GP: 34
PPG: 16.2
RPG: 4.1
APG: 4.0
BPG: 0.5
SPG: 0.8
FG: 49.9%
FT: 76.3%
3PT: 38.3% (1.7 hits in 4.6 attempts per game)
TS: 58.6% (well above 55%)

Last Words

Nickeil Alexander-Walker became the famous of social media with his performance in the Summer League. If he can do what he does best and improve his defenses a little further, he can be one of the league’s leading guards in a very short time. Be ready. NAW is coming… Well, at least I think

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