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TBT Day 1: Syracuse Regional

Credit: Mike Ortiz Jr.

#6 Jimmy V vs. #3 Brotherly Love:
It was a game that started with a fast back and fourth game. But Brotherly Love despite being shorthanded without their star player, Jason Thompson, took an early command as they held Jimmy V to just 13 points in the first quarter.

Struggling a bit in the second quarter, Jimmy V was able to cut the lead to 8 before halftime. However, it was all downhill from there as Brotherly Love went on a 14-4 run that really opened the game up.

Growing off of their late 5-0 run to end the third quarter, Jimmy V, continued to chop away at the Brotherly Love lead as they continued their run to start the fourth quarter and eventually cut the lead to 6. But Brotherly Love then responded with back-to-back threes and started the Elam Ending with a 72-60 lead.

With a target score of 80, meaning, the first team to 80 wins, it was clear that the odds were stacked against Jimmy V. Brotherly Love would go on to close out ironically on a made free throw from Frantz Massenat, who missed two free throws last year to win during the Elam Ending.
Final Score: Brotherly Love: 80. Jimmy V: 67.

#7 Team Draddy vs. #2 Armored Athlete:
After coming out to a hot start, Team Draddy who led by 7 early, slowly had their lead taken from them by the hands of John Roberson. Going a perfect 3 of 3 from behind the arc in the first half, Armored Athlete who led 39-31 at the half was finally starting to settle into the team that we all anticipated to see.

The second half was a completely different scene as Armored Athlete took complete control as they extended their lead to 21 at one point which eventually grew to 25 as general manager, Brian Litman hit the three to send the game into their Elam Ending. With the Elam Ending set for 94, Armored Athlete didn’t waste anytime as they would go onto close out quickly, winning 96-69.
Final Score: Armored Athlete: 96. Team Draddy: 69.

#5 Gael Nation vs. #4 Team Fancy:
With six lead changes in the first half and seven ties, this 4-5 matchup was everything you expected. The long time Iona star, AJ English shined early in the second half scoring 11 points to go with five rebounds and four assists. As for Team Fancy, Kenny Boynton, led the way with 10 points, three rebounds and two assists.

But the Elam Ending is where things got interesting. With the game appearing to be out of reach, Team Fancy’s bench kept preaching “One stop, just get one stop.” And that’s exactly what they did as they were able to force the Gael’s to three straight stops. However, they weren’t able to capitalize on the offensive end which resulted in a 99-93 victory.
Final Score: Gael Nation: 99. Team Fancy: 93.

#1 Boeheim’s Army vs. #8 We Are D3:
As expected it was a sold out game at the SRC Arena as it was standing room only as Syracuse fans poured into the stands as they cheered on their beloved Boeheim’s Army. But what wasn’t expected was a 17-8 defect midway through the first quarter. And the deficit continued as at the end of one, Boeheim’s Army trailed 26-15.

With the “Lets go Orange” chants continuing, the Army continued fight however, We Are D3’s Arik Smith, was unguardable as he continued to keep his team up.

Trailing by two at the half, the Army, still couldn’t find the answer until towards the end of the third quarter where back-to-back three’s from Jordan Crawford and BJ Johnson helped spark a six point lead as they went into the fourth quarter.

Though D3 wouldn’t go away as they continued to battle the Army in the fourth quarter. But a great call by head coach Ryan Blackwell and General Manager Kevin Belbey to tell their team to foul under the four minute mark when they were up by four might have been the difference maker.

Now I know what you’re thinking? An under four minute foul in the fourth quarter is the difference maker? Yes, it was. That foul then sent the game into the Elam Ending where the target score was then set to 68.

As the Orange led 60-56 at the time, then eventually 64-58, it appeared the game would end rather quickly. But that wasn’t the case as We Are D3 still wouldn’t go away.

The Army almost ended the game on this play below:

However, Hakim Warrick would go one of two from the line which would give We Are D3 life. Leading 67-64, D3 would head to the free throw line and luckily for the Army they would one of two as well. Battling back and fourth as Orange fans nervously watched, the Army would pull away with a Jordan Crawford made free throw.

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