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TBT Day 2: Syracuse Regional

Credit: Mike Ortiz Jr.

#1 Boeheim’s Army vs. #5 Gael Nation:
After a first quarter of six lead changes and Gael Nation’s top two players, Mike Poole and AJ English combining for 13 of their 20 points, the Army, trailing by one knew that they had to get some scoring of their own going.

And that’s exactly what they got. With only 15 fast break points in their opening round game against We Are D3, the Army made it a point to run and gun early as they had 12 fast break points at the half. But that’s not the only difference as the Army had a primed and ready Eric Devendorf who led all scorers with 16 points on 6 of 8 shooting and three steals at the half.

As for Gael Nation, Mike Poole and AJ English continued to carry the Iona Alumni squad with a combined total of 25 points at the half.

The Army came out firing in the second half as Andrew White’s eight straight points (Including two straight threes) helped widen the gap to really open up the lead for the Army.

Gael Nation would continue to fight as AJ English and Mike Poole continued to keep them in the game, but the balanced attack from Boeheim’s Army was just too much to handle. Including four straight scoring possessions in the Elam Ending to end it.
Final Score: Boeheim’s Army: 84. Gael Nation: 74

Eric Devendorf’s final shot to end the game below:

Eric Devendorf sinks the final shot to end the game as Boeheim’s Army wins 84-74. (Video taken by Mike Ortiz Jr.)

#2 Armored Athlete vs. #3 Brotherly Love:
Talent vs. heart was the story of the first half as Brotherly Love led 46-40 at the half. Armored Athlete, a reloaded Super 16 team with several first year TBT guys including former Purdue star, Issac Haas, Xavier Rathan-Mayes and North Carolina’s own, J.P. Tokoto.

However, Frantz Massenat and Novar Gadson were the headliners in the first half as they combined for 26 of their team’s 46 points.

Looking to make a comeback happen in the second half, Armored Athlete, knew that they’d have to step it up defensively if they wanted to have a chance. However, Armored Athlete still could not find an answer for Brotherly Love’s, Frantz Massenat as he scored 11 points in the third quarter to extend their lead to 73-64 to enter the fourth.

Armored Athlete tried yet again in the fourth quarter to brew up a comeback, but every time it looked like a run would start, Brotherly Love would respond with multiple baskets.

Though Sammie Givens was the real storyline in the second half for Brotherly Love as not only did he have 12 second half points, but he did everything that didn’t show up on a stat-sheet as well. Givens out hustled everyone on the court as it seemed like every time Armored Athlete missed he was there for a loose ball or for the rebound.

The Elam Ending would start with Brotherly Love up 82-74, with a target score of 90 and despite Armored Athlete’s last attempt, the Philadelphia natives wouldn’t look back as they would score on all four of their possessions to secure the upset victory, 90-82.
Final Score: Brotherly Love: 90. Armored Athlete: 82.

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