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Could the Denver Nuggets be the dynasty of the future?

Credit: Isaiah J. Downing, USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors ‘ dynasty seems to be over for now. The LA Lakers, LA Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks are among the strongest candidates to become the new holder of the wasted throne. But the Denver Nuggets, who experienced the fairy tale this season, should never be underestimated to be the dynasty of the future as the season we left behind was promising on behalf of the Nuggets…

2012-2013: Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are still at the Spurs, Damian Lillard is Rookie of the Year, Carmelo Anthony’s God Mode, Miami Heat is the champ… Bruh. Let’s back main issue. Denver Nuggets finished third in their conference with 57 wins and 25 defeats, with little guard Ty Lawson, rising star of that time Kenneth Faried, defence lunatic Andre Igoudala and Shaqtin A Fool member Javale McGee. They were unable to recover from being eliminated to the Golden State Warriors in the playoff first round after a great regular season and went through a long period of silence. The 54-28 rating achieved during the regular season of 2018-2019 and the semifinal experience in the playoffs began to rising the city of Denver. Well, what’s behind this fairy tale?

With the shooter and energy specialty Murray and Gary Harris; threat experience and defensive stiffness Paul Millsap; giant genius Nikola Jokic;at the start of the season most people say, “who are they? Torrey Craig and Monte Morris, who are the team’s ointments at once; are Malik Beasley, one of the surprises of draft class; Trey Lyles, Juan Hernangomez, who tries to patch up Jokic’s defensive defo; and catch and shooter lite version Will Barton. This is the key to success based on the staff, but the work also has technical details.

When Nikola Jokic gets the ball on the guard position, we see that one guard and one forward to the opposite wing going to right and left bottom, and at the same time the other big goes to the curtain on the still guard and activates the last guard/forward. The results of this game: the guard who makes the opposite fold is ready for three points on the left strike zone, the forwards who makes the wing creates a threat on the right baseline side of the painted area, the big who is knocked off the pitch and the guard/forward who takes the paint area is ready to score. This set, which used 17 minutes in the first half of particularly competitive matches and 18 in the second half, depended on a single man; Nikola Jokic. Let’s take a look at Nikola Jokic’s playbook, which reflects Nikola Tesla’s genius in science to basketball.

Nikola Jokic drops a fine pass top position his teammate’s running path after picking up the ball on the hill or in a high post position, and the player who makes the run also finds the score. In another offense, Jokic is knocked off the pitch, giving his opponent the sainthood of a switch deffense. Instead of using the reverse match and attacking one-on-one, he sees his teammate running blank toward the painted area and the position ends up in Denver’s favor, or he finds the strikers (Harris-Murray-Barton) in the same position. On those passes, he said, ” I feel the ball in my hand before I throw the pass. I throw the ball and it goes right where I want it. Thank God … What kind of talent did my parents give me ?”. The three-point threat, which is over 32%, allows the team to open the field, scoring on offense through help defense, isolation and pick&roll’s, which are classic offensive weapons, are also highly effective.

The chemistry and strategy features created by Denver Nuggets coach Mike Malone, combined with Nikola Jokic’s basketball brain, revealed a machine that seemed flawless but also had significant flaws. What are these flaws? You may have increased your rotation to 8-9 players in the regular season and achieved good results, but it would be more accurate to share the minutes in your squad over 6-7 people when things shift into the playoff environment. Mike Malone’s application of the same rotation strategy in playoff matches and his inability to create rhythm for his short players created a big problem. The fact that Nikola Jokic became ineffective in man-change defences due to his slow feet and his inability to resist players with superior physique created great weaknesses in Denver’s painted area.

After Denver eliminated the SA Spurs by 4-3, they were eliminated to the Portland Trail Blazers by the same score in Western Conference sem-finals. Denver closed the playoffs early after a fairytale season with experience  but with the stability and beauty of the game it showed throughout the season, it shed light on the future.

They couldn’t include a star like Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis in their roster this summer but Jerami Grant was a big move for Denver. Grant can cover up Jokic’s weaknesses in defence. The Serbian star’s slow pace in defence was a problem for the Nuggets last season, but Grant’s quick hands, ability to read position, playing intuition, ability to defend five positions at once, and his athleticism on offense make him valuable.

Starting Five:

Jamal Murray

Gary Harris

Torrey Craig

Jerami Grant

Nikola Jokic

The Bench:

Monte Morris

Paul Millsap

Will Barton

Michael Porter Jr.

Miles Plumlee

Bol Bol

This is really one of the most valuable and young roster in the league. They also have a significant technical genius like Mike Malone and city ready for success.So could the Denver Nuggets be the new dynasty in league?

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