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Indiana Pacers’ micro-stars in new season:

Unfortunately, there’s a longer period to the new season in the NBA… Let’s do an interesting analysis and take a look at the playing characteristics of Amida Brimah and Justin Holiday, who the Indiana Pacers included in their roster in the summer.

Amida Brimah

The Indiana Pacers training camp roster is nearing completion. 2019-2020 season roster is mostly filled out, but the periphery of the roster is still being establish. Last week -According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports- the Indiana Pacers added the Amida Brimah who is a 25-year-old Ghanaian center. So how can Amida Brimah make a contribution to the Pacers? What’s his style of play?

Age: 25

Position: Center

Weight: 226 lbs

Height: 7’0’’

AAU: Florida Rams Black

Collage: Connecticut

He played for the Austin Spurs in the G-league last season.

Amida Brimah is a full traditional style center player. Brimah doesn’t try three-point shots and doesn’t use much of his shots in mid-range either. He is trying to score in the painted area, using his athleticism in general. He uses his physique very well in practice to the game, and with his basketball intelligence, he can make great alley-oops. He quickly moves to the basket in baseline or top positions, waiting for passes and finishing positions using his athleticism.

Needs to improve his ball handlings drops too many catchable balls. His ball-handling is botched, usually tipping inside after the pick in the off-ball game.  He lacks drive, attacking with the ball, contributing to the pass organisations by going out of the painted area. Of course, he’s not a point guard or small forward but needs to improve his playmaking skills.

He’s a coast to coast fast in transitions so high. Brimah is able to plan the attack towards the painted area by going under the opposing basket at once. His position-taking knowledge is a little weak, but he’s very effective after the pick and roll. Apart from Layup, dunk, and alley-oop he sometimes uses mid-range. Active finisher around the basket and excels as a scorer on the move but he has never had a three-point threat or even tried a three-point shot in no match (Collage and G-League) during his career. He hasn’t perimeter skills, limited and very low post game and quite raw offensively cons for him. So having those attributes may narrow the Pacers ‘ space, but their athleticism in the painted field can be useful on behalf of the team in certain minutes.

He’s an incredible player in defense. Fast and long arms, constantly active engine, instincts, incredibly good adjustment of block timing, athleticism, foot width, and stubbornness are the things that glorify his defense. It’s hard for him to defend against fast guards. His hands and feet are quick but his aggression and athleticism on defense are very effective only when he defends power forward or center position players. Also, he sometimes fouls too much early in the match. Besided, he needs to improve on rebounding. His engine is active throughout the match but he sometimes has trouble focusing on the game. He makes very simple rebound errors on defense, he makes timing errors on rebounds that he can easily pick up on offense.

Amida Brimah is a defensive center player that get a beauty combination of size, athletic skills, and shot blocking courage to his team. He was the defensive anchor of the 2014 National Championship team, so he may have the essential skills to be a defensive specialist for the Indiana Pacers but on the other hand, he needs to well develop his offensive skills, and he must dedicate himself more to the courts. If he can significantly improve upon his weaknesses in training camp he could be on the Indiana Pacers roster of the new season.

Justin Holiday

In this tremendous transfer intensity, the Indiana Pacers included a key bench player like Justin Holiday on their roster. Free agent Justin Holiday has agreed to a one-year, $4.8M deal with the Indiana Pacers in July 19. So why is Holiday a key player for the Pacers?

He had a bad three-point shooting performance in his college career, and his best skills was athleticism. In his early years in the NBA, he not improve shoot mechanism and played with low field goal percentage. His athleticism was not enough for Holiday to be a good wing player in NBA but over the past four years, he has improved shooting skills. He changed the mechanics of the shot, meaning: the ball was out faster than his hand, and he also slightly expanded the angle of the shot. He also improved on mid ranges/three point shoot after the dribble and catch and shoot.

He differentiated his athleticism last season. He added basketball intelligence to his explosive and based solely on producing individual scores athleticism. So he also considered extra-pass options on way to the basket. Holiday made clever assists to players in the painted area or behind the three-point line. As he relied on his shot, make penetrators more backward so he also expanded court geometry on behalf of for own team. Explosive, clever and pass-capable athleticism. Those really important things for a bench player.

Holiday is fast on transitions. If the ball is not his hands, he is able to create a position and score by running on to the opposing court at a moment’s notice. On the other hand, his first passes in transitions are very good. He’s not an effective playmaker on set offense, which can be a bit of a problem but he can take charge of the team during periods when Victor Oladipo is on the bench. So he doesn’t have the tremendous passing ability, but he can prevent the team from playing with a game order that is out of discipline. He can create his own shot, bring the ball to half-court. The Indiana Pacers will benefit from this feature when names like Oladipo, Brogdon, and Lamb are on the bench.

On defense, though, he’s much more aggressive. Fast hands, the one-and-one defense is always active, he’s got great timing on switches, he’s doing clever moves, and his engine is always working. Holiday doesn’t make simple turnovers and penetrates the team’s offensive order compared to early in his career. While he’ll be playing less minutes than he has in the last seasons, it’s reassuring to have a player who can consistently come off the bench and take his own on defense.

I think we can predict that he will make a good contribution to the team in rebounding. He’s not very good at offensive rebounds but he’s a good contributor to rebounds defensively. His box-outs are good, and it’s also a key feature that he starts the offense quickly by throwing passes fast after getting the rebound.

Justin Holiday will get good chemistry along with other bench rotation players such as Doug McDermott, Aaron Holiday, TC McConnel, TJ Leaf, TJ Warren. I think he was one of the league’s underrated players last season. He gave both micro and macro contributions in the minutes he played. If he can make those contributions at the Indiana Pacers, we can see them entering the playoffs a lot more fit, strong and ready.  A little too micro, but micro for the NBA, it’s important. That’s why Justin Holiday is important to the Pacers…

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